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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kahani judwa nahi judi hui behano ki - AmberDhara

K ahani judwa nahi judi hui behano ki. That's the story of Amber Dhara. The two actresses were trained for almost eight months to get their acts right. Believe it or not, they're still at it. The two of them are always together even after packup to lend authenticity to the roles of conjoined twins. They eat together, sleep together and even hang out together. "We can't fake it, you see," says Amber. "This way we get to know our characters better," adds Dhara.

Whatever one does, the other one has to do the same. Like it so happened a few days ago. "I had to fall down with Dhara. We both started giggling".

If that's too much. Just wait. Being together all the time means no lovelife for them. But nobody seems to be complaining. Amber feels, "Love can wait. Right now, our focus is this show. It's our baby and we need to take care of it." Dhara does not mind having a boyfriend, as she says, "It's ok if he accepts me with Amber."

The only consolation could be the fact that the show is different from any other saas bahu saga. "Still there's heavy drama in it. I'm sure people will be able to connect with it,"Amber says. Dhara too, as she says, is having fun playing this role. Truly a case of getting into the skin of the character.

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