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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna vs. Iss Jungle Se...

Truth always prevails. And it certainly does on Indian television, as the ratings of two newly launched reality shows indicate. Sach Ka Saamna, which tests a person's honesty, has surpassed the popularity of jungle-based adventure reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. The premiere episode of Sach Ka Saama, aired July 15, recorded a television rating point (TRP) of 3.4 percent as against 1.6 percent registered by the first episode of Iss Jungle Se...,according to data provided by television viewership tracker Audience Measurement and Analytics (aMap).

Both these shows have generated a mixed response from the audience. If a section of viewers is to be believed, Iss Jungle Se...,which first aired July 13, is lagging behind Sach Ka Saamna because its tasks involve a lot of creepy, slimy and dangerous creatures that leave them feeling horrified.

Twenty-year-old Leena Hiranandani says she can't stand the sight of celebrities getting so close to snakes, flies, frogs and other creepy-crawlies on the show and instead enjoys watching how people face questions on their personal and professional decisions on Sach Ka Saamna.

"Once I was eating while watching the show and Aman Verma was asked to perform a task where he had to break a few watermelons that had vague things and animals inside them like lizards, fish intestines and even monkey shit. It was the ugliest and scariest of things I've ever seen and I didn't even feel like eating my food after that," Leena told IANS.

"I'd rather watch a show like Sach Ka Saamna. It has suspense and doesn't generate a disgusting feeling. Besides, it is being hosted by Rajeev (Khandelwal)... he is a sweetheart," she added. Sach Ka Saamna puts contestants through 21 controversial and uncomfortable questions about their lives to win a Rs.10 million prize money if they answer them honestly. And Iss Jungle Se... has TV actors like Aakashdeep Saigal and singer Anaida swapping a life of luxury in Malaysia's' Taman Negara tropical rain forest to walk away with an equal amount.

Nandita Singh, a Delhi University student, too finds the tasks in Iss Jungle Se... distasteful. "The entire show looks like a set-up. It doesn't look very real. Even the celebrities who have been roped in are not very known; so it makes it all the more boring. And the tasks are not pleasing at all," said Nandita.There are many who feel the show is repulsive, but there are some viewers like Neha Sharma, 18, and Ashish Mohan, 25, who prefer Iss Jungle Se... over Sach Ka Saamna.

While Neha says she doesn't like Sach Ka Saamna because the truth about a person's personal life can break his or her family, Mohan feels there is no adventure in telling the truth about your life on national television.

"You can tell the truth to anybody any time. But the tasks these celebrities are made to do on Iss Jungle Se... are not everyone's cup of tea. I wouldn't imagine doing such things myself and watching celebrities do it with so much willingness is what thrills me about this show," said Mohan. Both the shows are adaptations of popular international reality shows.The TRPs of both the shows dipped post their launch.

Palak is out of the Jungle

Palak aka Gurmet Kaur who called herself a 'fighter' in the jungle has been eliminated from Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. But instead of crying over her loss, she is pretty relieved to be back home.

Last week Aman and Palak were in the bottom two and had to face the deadly Maha Jungle Challenge. The challenge required contestants to keep live worms in their mouth. After learning about the task, Palak was hesitant but managed to keep a snake in her mouth for a while. However she lost to Aman who performed the challenge successfully.

Palak is out of the Jungle

Palak confesses "This has been the toughest show of my life. I have had a great time here and have made some really good friends. Aakashh was like an elder brother; Mona and Negar were my close pals." According to her it was the toughest week in the jungle as there were limited food supplies.

Palak's elimination is just a day after her birthday, She says, "This was indeed my best birthday and I loved the way my camp mates celebrated it! Aakashh gifted me chappals and Marc a gave me a stolen bedsheet."

Palak adds, "I would want to see Aakash or Negar win. Aakashh is tough and has it in him. While for Negar it will be a good opportunity to come clean of the controversies that surrounded her life in India and may be comeback".

Rakhi Sawant in trouble for cheating

A local court on Tuesday ordered filing of case of forgery and violation of Copyright Act against item girl and TV personality Rakhi Sawant and six others.

The Judicial Magistrate Jaipur ordered the filing of FIR for allegedly using the script and the word Swayamvar in a popular TV reality show in an unauthorised manner, on a complaint filed by one Gaurav Tiwari.

The complainant told the court that he had the copyright of the script and the word Swayamvar in 2008 and also showed it to a private channel.

However, later the script was used in the reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar in an unauthorised way, the complainant alleged.

Rakhi to wear 1 cr jewellery at engagement

Just when we thought that Rakhi Sawant's show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar was nothing but a fake reality show and that she wouldn't tie the knot with anyone, came the news that the actress will be getting engaged to one of the contestants on August 2 at The Leela Kempinski hotel in Andheri, Mumbai.

But the meatier gossip is that Rakhi will be donning wedding jewellery worth Rs 1 crore! Her diamond studded necklace will itself cost Rs 50 lakh. The jewellery will be designed by Farah Ali Khan, while Neeta Lulla will design Rakhi's bridal trousseau.

And oh, NDTV Imagine the channel will be sweet enough to play the maikawallahs. All are invited!

Rakhi to invite ex-boyfriend Abhishek to wedding

Sounding excited after her engagement to NRI businessman Elesh Parunjwala, item girl Rakhi Sawant says she wants all her friends, including ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi, to attend her wedding but will not invite her mother.

"I completely forgive Abhishek Awasthi. I was very surprised to know that he showed up on Sunday for my scheduled wedding. Surprised and touched. If I knew, I'd have welcomed him. Yesterday, he was my boyfriend. Today, he's my friend," said Rakhi.

But she hasn't forgiven her mother.

"Please, all that nautanki on television for five minutes can't take away the pain I've gone through. As far as I'm concerned that chapter of my life is closed," she said.

Eliminated contestants from the Rakhi Ka Swayamvar reality show were among those who had showed up to wish the couple Sunday. But although a wedding was expected, Rakhi and Elesh only got engaged.

"I was all set to marry Elesh on Sunday. But it was Elesh who said he wanted more time to get to know me. I'm very confident of him. But if he needs more time to get to know me, how can I force myself on him? I'm ready to wait as long as he wants," said Rakhi.

But although she is willing to wait for Elesh to make up his mind about the wedding, she doesn't want to shift base to Canada, where he runs a business.

"I'm completely sure Elesh is the man for me. But I do have a career in Mumbai. So he'll have to plan our future accordingly."

They are planning to go to Toronto together for the wedding of Elesh's sister.

What now, Rahul ka Swayamvar?

If reports are to be believed, Bigg Boss 2 contestant Rahul Mahajan might step into Rakhi Sawant's shoes. Mumbai Mirror reports that Rahul is being seriously considered for the second season of the immensely popular Swayamvar after Rakhi Sawant.

"Rakhi Sawant's swayamvar got a lot of eyeballs. The channels wants the second season of the show to be equally dramatic and controversial – and who better than Rahul Mahajan to pull this off?" Mumbai Mirror quoted a source as having said.

Rahul Mahajan was the cynosure of all eyes during Bigg Boss 2 when he was reportedly involved first with Payal Rohatgi and then with Monica Bedi.

The star himself however, refused to comment on the matter. He told the paper that he would 'cross the bridge when he comes to it.'

Sameer Nair the CEO of NDTV Imagine, which aired Rakhi Ka Swayamvar rubbished the rumours saying, "This is just speculation. I cannot confirm," he told the paper.

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