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Friday, March 28, 2008

First elimination Of Yeh Hai Jalwa

The star-studded dance reality show on 9X, Vodafone Yeh Hai Jalwa has really caught on with the viewers now, and as the show gears up for its first elimination episode to be aired on 30th March, there are some real big surprises for the viewers here…

Yeh Hai Jalwa, the only no-jury show on Television is centered only on public voting, and Rosa Catalano, the gorgeous Italian beauty and her team of blue-collared workers, 'Rangeele Dilwale' is the first to get ousted from the competition. The very popular heart throb, Sharad Malhotra and his ‘Toofani Toli’ walked away with the cake, as the ‘Junta’ made them the undisputed leaders when it came to votes, followed by ‘Bindaas Bosses’ headed by Ronit Roy, who took the second position.

But the most shocking revelation was that in spite of their fabulous performances, Husein and their ‘Kal Ke Kalaakaar’ and Rakhi’s ‘Chillar Party’ found themselves in the Danger Zone this week.

This week will see the Comedy Ka Badshah Sajid Khan take over as the Celebrity Judge.

Rohit Roy’s Phirangi Phatake turn their back on him

Rohit Roy, one of the participants of Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X, considered himself the luckiest among all the other celebrities participating in the show, the reason being his team. Rohit’s team is called the Phirangi Phatake and comprises of international dancers. In fact Rohit was extremely proud of his team saying that his was the best looking team and had extremely talented dancers.

But there seems to be a rumour doing rounds regarding the same fabulous team. Sources reveal that Rohit’s Phirangi Phatakes have stalked away leaving him in the lurch. Speaking about the whole issue Rohit says, “Yes, it is true that I am left wondering, as two of my team members have gone back”. Talking more on the reason, Rohit says, "I guess one of the reasons for the girls opting out is that they feel India is not a safe place to live in for foreigners especially after the Scarlette Keeling murder case that happened recently in Goa. Their family members are very insecure and hence they left".

Rohit is now going thro' a fresh series of auditioning and he is sure to get the team back on toes in the coming few days. "It is really tough to get the team up again, I have zeroed in on few and I need to make the final selection now. I will have to teach them all over again, this is surely an uphill task, lets see how it goes", quips the actor.

Hope the Phirangi Phatake do light up a sparkle in the coming rounds of Yeh Hai Jalwa!

Adi Irani to play a Subhash Ghai in Babul ka Aangann Chootey Na.

Adi Irani, a renowned name in both television as well as Bollywood will make an entry in Ratna Sinha’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa as Mark Kapoor, a very well known producer in the film industry. The actor, who is also Aroona Irani’s brother, has been seen in films like Dil, Beta, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hai, Baazigar, Raju Chacha etc. A very prominent face in the serials produced by Aroona Irani(Vaidehi, Tum Bin Jau Kaha, Rabba Ishq Na Hove, Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand), Adi Irani’s role in Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa is etched on the lines of the talented film maker Subhash Ghai.

Talking about his character and entry, Adi Irani states, “I make my entry as Mark Kapoor in the reception party hosted for Shubh(Siddharth Shukla) and Aastha(Aastha Choudhury). Astha’s younger sister Shilpa played by Itishree, who aspires to become a big actress approaches me in the party and expresses her urge to work with me and in turn, I persuade her to join the Film Industry”.

When asked about the duration of this role, a clueless Adi says, “I have shot only for the reception sequence till now. I do not even know if this is a cameo or a long-term role. All depends on the viewers and if I get thumbs-up from the producers and the viewers, my track might extend”.

Aksshat Gupta enters Sangam..

Star Plus’ prime-time show Sangam which has the lovers Saagar (played by Chaitanya Chaudhury) and Ganga, (Jennifer Winget) crossing swords against each other, courtesy, a big misunderstanding will go thro’ further twists.

As the protagonists try their level best to save the business empire of the recently killed Shekar (Rajesh Shringarpure), here comes a new guy in their life, Rahul Mehra.

Aksshat Gupta, who was earlier seen in Mamta and Meri Doli Tere Angna makes his entry as Rahul Mehra, the strict, arrogant and rich businessman and Shekar’s international financial partner. Talking about his role, Aksshat says, “Rahul Mehra is one of the international financers for Shekar who hails from Malaysia. He comes down to India when he gets to know of Shekar’s untimely death to have a check at the Company’s progress”.

The story will now revolve around Saagar and Ganga as they strive hard to make up for the loss in the company and save the company from the hands of Rahul Mehra. “Rahul gives Saagar and Ganga ten days time to get the company back to normalcy and threatens to withdraw all the sources if they fail to do so”, adds Aksshat.

Elaborating more on his character, the actor says, “I play a positive character here. Though the guy comes out as an arrogant businessman to begin with, he has his own positive shades and he goes on to be one of the pillars of strength for Ganga”. On quizzed whether this is a cameo role, Aksshat confides, “I am here to stay. The story will take a turn later wherein Rahul falls for Ganga”.

'Winning or losing really does not matter' - Anwesha Dattagupta

Anwesha Duttagupta, the contestant in Chhote Ustaad from Kolkata has won many hearts through her soulful singing. Even after coming in the scaryland repeatedly, this girl made sure to make it to the finals through her talent. She won the hearts of everyone on the show with her sweet smile and her melodious singing. A very down to earth girl she is sure to create waves in the music industry is what most music lovers feel.

How has your journey been through Chhote Ustaad?

It has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot apart from the competition. And I enjoyed a lot with all my friends. And most importantly, I got to learn a lot from two very important people Anand Sharma and Anuj Kapoor, who help us train and give us a lot of technical tips.

How do you feel reaching the finals?

I am quite excited about being in the finals. I am workinhg really hard and we will try and give our best so that the finale is a rocking show.

Were you sure of coming this far?

I wouldn’t say that I was over-confident of making it big here, at the same time I was sure that I had it in me to move on in the competition. My mother had always told me to take it one step at a time. And that’s what I did, I started out slowly by thinking that I just hope I reach the top 11 first. Doing so, I have finally reached the finals.

How are you preparing for the finals?

Preparation is going on pretty strong. We are concentrating a lot more on the performance and our singing. Along with the tension of being in the finals, there is also a lot of excitement. We are working very hard to make sure the finale is a good show.

Among the three judges, who is ur favorite?

All three of them are equally nice. They have all been very caring towards us throughout the competition. They have always made their decisions unanimously and their comments usually don’t vary. All three are the best in their own style and genre.

In the usual format of such shows except for the finals, all the ronds are done in the studio. How do you feel going through this changed format? Which format do you feel is better?

Well when it is a live performance, we have to practice a lot more than for a recorded performance. There is a lot of stress and tension associated with a live performance. In fact I was present for the grand finale of Star Voice of India and I saw that there were a lot of rehearsals held. I have never thought on the lines of which format is better. Both the formats are good in their own way.

Who among you two have the best chance to win?

Umm… what can I say about that? Both of us are working very hard and will give our best. Winning or losing is a part of any competition. All I can say is that after coming to this platform, we have received equal adulation and blessings and I don’t think winning or losing really matters, after reaching to this level.

Any incident that touched you and you would be taking with you after the show gets over?

Yeah I do have a special memory. When the Star Voice of India finale was going on, Lata Mangeshkar had come as the celebrity judge on the show and I was quite excited to meet her. I went up to her and received her blessings too.

Future plans after this show?

After Chhote Ustaad, I hope to become a successful playback singer. Hopefully as I grow I become a versatile singer, that’s all is what I wish for.

Actresses you would love to do playback singing for?

I would like to do playback singing for all the actresses.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shubh and Aastha tie the knot in 'Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa..'

Ratna Sinha's Babul Ka Aangann Chootney Naa is gearing up for the wedding of lead protagonist Aastha Chaudhary playing Aastha who is entering a wedded lock with Shubh Ranawat, played by model turned actor, Siddharth Shukla.

The wedding sequence which will be aired on March 26th, was shot in an extravagant manner with utmost detailing given to every ritual and custom, thus giving the wedding a very realistic look.

The protagonists, Aastha Choudhary and Siddharth Shukla who are unmarried in real life had a great experience shooting the wedding sequence. The buzz around is that when the wedding sequence was being shot, Siddharth got bit nervous and uncomfortable as the pundit was chanting the actual mantras.

Talking about the on-screen wedding experience, Siddharth acclaims, “It was a very pleasant experience and the sequence was shot very realistically. It was really funny as I being a bachelor had to go thro’ the religious customaries of marriage, starting from taking a ‘Sawaari’ on a horse, to the Saath Pheres. But all was fun and the shoot went on very well”.

The Dulhann, Aastha Choudhury says, “I was decked up with lots of jewellery and expensive attires and it was really tiring to carry it throughout the wedding shoot. I feel really nice as I will get to show various emotions, and the dilemma in Aastha’s life starts now, as she gets torn between the responsibilities of her ‘Sasuraal’ and ‘Maayka’.

Ratna Sinha says, “The wedding has been shot lavishly with detailing to make it look like a real wedding. The feedback for the show is very positive. People like the show and it surely feels nice. After the wedding the serial will reach a new high as it will deal with the various situations that Aastha finds herself in!"

Breaking the Cadet Image - Priyanka Bassi

Priyanka Bassi, popularly known as Naina of SAB's Left Right Left, is back in action to sizzle on the stage of Sony's Mr and Ms. Television. Here's a chit chat with the actress on her new venture, as she breaks thru the image of the tough cadet, and reveals her true identity to the world...

How did this show happen?
Post Left Right Left, I wanted to take a six month long break, but when I was offered this show, I just couldn't resist as I loved the concept of the show and wanted to give it a chance.

What did you like the most about it?
This show has everything, music, dancing, acting, and much more. Here we'll be tested on a whole lot related to our field and the perfect topping to the sundae is, the question answer round in the Grand Finale. Thus, even our intellectuals will be tested, which seems something different than the normal reality shows. That's why I immeditately opted for a show like such.

How does it feel to be a part of your first reality show?
It feels great obviously. But I am little scared and nervous. Uptil now, we were playing a particular character, but now, I am going to be myself. The audience will get to know the real us, and not be our character. All those who knew me as Naina, will see the actual Priyanka.

How has your journey been so far in the show?
I loved my first two performances. I performed on a song from Ashoka, and it was very well appreciated by all. I am glad it went well, as people were under the impression that I am not that good a dancer.

Your strongest contender?
I really don't know anyone here as of now, to really understand who my competitors are. They are real fun though. They just keep getting better and better with every round. And the best part about them is that the show and the format is quite recharging for everyone.

Your final statements on the show..
I just want to do the best. I don't know what I am going to do next. But as of now, I just want to concentrate on this show and want to give my best shot to it!!

In Conversation With Madhur Bhandarkar

After chairing the judges' seat on Zee TV's Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj, ace director Madhur Bhandarkar returns to television as a judge on Sony's Mr. & Ms. Television. Here , Madhur talks about the show, his upcoming projects and more.

What made you take the judges’ chair on Mr. & Ms. Television?

Well when they approached me with the concept of Mr. and Ms. Television, I felt it was quite different. I had judged a show last year and have finished shooting about 70% of my film, and am on a break for a month. And I thought it was a nice platform to interact with such popular faces from the television industry. I took it up more because it was different from all the rest.

Can you tell us something more about the show through your perspective as a judge?

The concept of this show is unique and different from all others. Here we not only test the acting skills of the participants, but also their skills in singing, dancing and mimicking. Sonali and I judge the show giving a lot of constructive criticism to the couples.

What makes Mr. & Ms. Television different from other reality shows?

That is actually a very clich├ęd question. It’s like asking me what makes my film different from the rest. Frankly I am not an avid television watcher, but I have seen a few reality shows here and there. And here I feel it’s rather different as it covers every aspect and looks at each participant as an individual not just a single trait he/she is good at.

On what basis did you and Sonali make the pairs for the competition?

Well there is no fixed criteria as such in forming the pairs. Sonali and I made the pairs keeping in mind the experience of the stars. For one instance, where one pair comprised of one veteran actor and a novice actress, the other had the opposite.

How do you plan on choosing the winner; what aspect are you looking at?

The one aspect I will look at, while choosing the winner of the show is the entire package. The couple has to be good in every arena be it singing, dancing, or mimicry. We are looking at the complete personality of the contestants.

What is your take on reality shows; and the controversies associated with them?

Yeah I have seen a lot of controversies arising in reality shows and it has become the latest fad in the television industry. I had judged a show earlier along with Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. We were always vocal about our opinions and we never fought with each other. Even on this show, Sonali and I are very cordial with each other. I just believe in giving my honest opinions and it is an individual’s perspective.

This reality show gives you an insight to the all-round skills of the contestants, so you think you will get the next face for your film from this contest?

You never know. I have given numerous television and theatre artists a chance in my movies. Like Atul Kulkarni was a theatre artist before I took him in my movie. So you can never say, if there is somebody who appeals to me, I would not mind casting him/her in my new project.

What is your take on Bollywood stars coming on such reality shows on television for promoting their films?

I have no issues at all. In fact why shouldn’t stars come on such shows to promote their films? This phenomenon happens not only in India, but worldwide. Television is becoming a very big platform which acts like a connecting point between the audience and the stars. The audience gets a better perspective of the film and the actor through these reality shows as it creates better awareness.

Tell us something about your latest project Fashion

Fashion is just that, Fashion. I have finished shooting about 70% of the film and am waiting for Priyanka Chopra to return from Miami in May to resume the shooting. I know everyone is curious to know what cupboard Madhur is going to open this time and which field he is going to expose, but all I can say is Fashion is very much going to be a human story dealing with the fashion industry.

Any other projects in hand.

Nothing concrete. I am working on a few more scripts, but right now Fashion is my priority.

Shilpa Saklani, the crooning beauty...

Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri is quite happy to be a part of Sony’s ‘Mr. and Ms. Television’. “The best part of this 9 day reality show is that we actors are judged on our acting skills as well, besides singing and dancing”, says the gorgeous beauty. Among the above 3 facets she loves to croon the most, added our source.

What do you feel about reality shows since this is your second outing post Nach Baliye? “I know a lot about what goes around here. I have learnt how to behave and it’s really fun to see people react to different situations. In this context, I may even have an edge over the other contestants, for most of them have not taken part in such shows before”, opines Shilpa.

Further, Shilpa does not understand the fracas people create after getting eliminated. “Even Apurva and I were ejected after the 6th round in Nach Baliye 1 despite being much better than Rajeev and Delnaaz, but we did not cry foul. You knew the format from day one right? It seems to be the case of sour grapes criticizing the judges and calling SMS voting an evil”, quips Shilpa.

About the judges in the current show Sonali Bendre and Madhur Bandarkar, this cute Sindhi says, “Both are very good. But yes, Madhur is blunt while Sonali Bendre tries to sugar-coat whatever she has to say”.

In closing, we could not help but ask if she was planning to do something beyond Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, where she comes and goes. “Let's see”, ended Shilpa.

Dance with the Men in Mr. and Ms. Television..

Mr. and Ms. Television, the ultimate hunt for India's most talented and multifaceted personality that unfolded on Sony on March 24th saw the gorgeous ladies exhibiting their talent on the first day.

The second episode to be aired on March 25th will see the hot and happening men set the stage on fire, with their performances. The show hosted by the sizzling Shonali Nagarani, in the presence of the judges Sonali Bendre and Madhur Bhandrakar got rolling with the performances of the six talented men.

Swapnil Joshi's heart skipped a beat, as he performed on 'Dekha Jo Tuje Yaar Dil Main Baji Guitar'. The very sexy Karan Wahi stormed on stage in his new avatar and danced on 'Dus Bahaane Karke Legaye Dil', while the comeback lad Karnvir Bohra danced to the tunes of 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hai'. The versatile actor, Sanjit Bedi showed that he had 'Jaan Main Dum' and the handsome hunk Chetan Hansraj proved that he is the Ultimate Don, as he performed on 'Main Hoon Don'.Television's Shahid Kapoor, Kushal Punjabi wowed all with his 'Mauja Hi Mauja'..

Sadhana and Alekh tie the knot in Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai

Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai witnesses its first actual Bidaai, where the protagonist of the show Sadhana (Sara Khan) is all set to bid farewell to her family and step into a whole new world of sacrifices, struggles and heart breaks.

The wedding between Sadhana and Alekh, the schizophrenic son of Vasundhara Rajvansh will be a low-key affair, totally unlike the lavish weddings shown on Television today. The wedding episode will be shown on 25th March and with this, the Rajvansh family gets successful in hiding the fact that the protagonist, Alekh played by Angad Hasija is mentally ill.

Sara Khan, who plays the Dulhann Sadhana sees this whole wedding sequence as a great experience. "I am just 18, and I am playing a 21 year old in the show. It feels great to get all these experiences at such a young age. The whole wedding scenario in the show was so exciting; it's an experience which I cannot express in words".

On the other side, Angad Hasija who plays the groom exclaims, "It feels great. Wearing such heavy clothes is really tiring, but the wedding atmosphere around has really made me spell bound". Talking about the situation in which Alekh gets married, Angad states, "Alekh does not know that he is getting married, and that's the twist, there is a lot more in store that the audience needs to watch out for".

Talking about the hush-hush wedding that the script demanded, Rajan Shahi quoted, "This is the most lavish wedding not in terms of set and decoration, but in terms of emotions and the intensity of the actors. This is first time in television we will see high emotions and intense drama. We shot for 11 days and it is going to be aired in 4 episodes. The shooting was very difficult because for the first time, both the families and all the actors were shooting for 11 days continuously. The wedding sequence though did not have the grandeour expected, was shot in a beautiful mansion and this was actually the most difficult sequence for the production people to shoot. All said and done, I am very happy with the performance of each and every actor and the manner in which the whole sequence has come out".

To Watch The Videos of this Rocking Marriage >> CLICK HERE <<

Shilpa Shetty rocks with the Chhote Ustaad finalists in Delhi

Aishwarya and Anwesha, the two finalists of Amul STAR Voice of India – CHHOTE USTAAD take the capital city – Delhi - by storm with their power-packed Punjabi Dhamal on Fri, March 28th, 10 p.m. only on STAR Plus. The evening gets the viewers in perfect dancing mood as the rock star Mika and Lab Janjua perform hit numbers like 'Sawan Main Lag Gayi Aag', 'Mauja Mauja' & 'O Pappe Pyar Karke Pachtaya' respectively. To add to the excitement, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is the celebrity guest of the evening.

The show kick starts with the vibrant host, Abhaas coming on stage to perform on hit Punjabi numbers 'Jassi's Dil Le Gayi Kudi' & 'Kudiyan Sheher Diyan'. Anwesha & Aishwarya, the two finalists get into the groove with the song 'Baras Ja' which is dedicated to Shilpa Shetty and is followed by their solo performances. Aishwariya proves her versatility with the foot tapping number 'Soni De Nakhre' while Anwesha gets a standing ovation from all the judges and the crowd for her flawless rendition of the song 'Mahi Ve'. As the final moments close in, Pritam gets emotional about the show coming to an end.

Aishwariya once again strikes perfect notes with her next performance 'In Dino' while Anwesha makes a superb attempt with the song 'O Meri Jaan' in female voice. Both the finalists get Shilpa to dance with them on stage while they do a jugalbandi on the peppy number 'Mast Kalandar'. The final surprise element of the evening is an awesome performance by the Voice of India runner up – Harshit Saxena on the song 'Jab Se Teri Naina'.

To ad to the entertainment quotient, Pritam brings the musically charged evening to an end with a stellar performance on "Mere Sexy Lady" (Unreleased Album) and 'Hare Ram Hare Ram' with Shilpa Shetty and everyone else dancing to his tunes.

Stay tuned and don't forget to miss your favorite Chhote Ustaads perform with the gracious Shilpa Shetty on Amul STAR Voice of India – CHHOTE USTAAD, Fri, March 28th, 10 p.m. only on STAR PLUS!!

Iira Soni Enters Bhabhi

Iira Soni, the talented young girl who essayed the role of the vamp Neeti in Kumkum Pyara Sa Bandhan is now back in action as she plays an unwed mother in Bhabhi.

Replacing the actress Amrita Khanvilkar, as Roma in the serial, Iira is on a high as she has now got a chance to prove her talent in an out and out positive role. “Roma, the sister of Nihaal played by Bhanujeet Sudan, is now pregnant with Rishabh’s kid, who happens to be the devar of Suhaana. Roma, the seventeen year old will face a lot of hurdles and eventually Suhaana will help her to become a very strong and independent woman”, says Iira as she gives us an insight on her character.When quizzed as to why she took up this role, the actress springs up to say, “This is a positive role, where the innocent and childish Roma will soon flower into a woman of substance. I guess after playing a negative shade in Kumkum, I really wanted to be positive now (smiles)”.

Well, this track wherein Suhaana, (played by Rucha Gujrathi) goes out of her way to help Nihaal give a new life to his sister, will be misconstrued by Dev and thus the relationship of Dev-Suhaana will go for a toss. So do we see the union of Nihaal-Suhaana in the coming future? “To tell you frankly, I have no clue of that, but I can only say that while Nihaal becomes Roma’s pillar of support, Suhaana helps her in all ways possible to deliver her baby and help her out thro’ this phase”, confides the actress.

When asked about any projects apart from Bhabhi, "I have taken up another show but I cannot say anything about it right now. I will be able to talk about it only in April", replied Iira as she signed off.

Roshni Chopra back as Pia In Kasam se

The wicked vamp Roshni Chopra, makes a come back to her debutante show, Kasamh Se. As the show is on a look out for their new leading lady, Roshni comes in to fill up the void, though only for a short while.

I am back as Pia in the show, but only for a month” exclaims Roshni. She further adds, “They have to end my character in a proper way, as they can’t just let Pia vanish into thin air. So I’m just back to give my character a proper end. Besides, I couldn’t say no to Ekta. She requested me to come back, and this character, the show and the production house is very close to me, that I agreed to do it, in spite of having prior commitments with Chak De Bacche and shooting round the clock for it.

Giving us a quick update on the new Bani situation, Roshni replied, “They are still auditioning for her. Nothing has been decided yet…” Roshni ends by stating, “I’ve missed my production house a lot, and I’m glad to be back, though it is only for a short duration…

Jhanvi Cheddha talks about her college life

As Star One's Chhoona Hai Aasmaan springs in a whole new level of freshness with the on-going murder track, the actors seem quite excited to re-live their college days and get back to the madness of being college brats. One such actress is Jhanvi Cheddha who will play a simple and sweet girl getting into the college as a student.

“I’m so glad to be out of the salwar-kameez and the bangles and the accessories, and I can finally be casual and chilled out in the show” exclaims Jhanvi. On the three sixty degree turn in the show, Jhanvi says, “Well, it is good that the Hawks have set out on a mission to protect the Defense Minister’ grand daughter. If there was one thing that I wanted in my life, it was to get to my college life again. So I guess I could not have asked for more. I have not started shooting, but I heard that the entire team is having a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to be a part of the craziness”.

Recollecting some moments of her college days, the actress stated, “I was a complete brat in college, and I used to ace at being mischievous, which is contradictory to the character that I’ll be playing on screen, where I’m simple and a sweet girl next door.” How do you think the audience will accept the whole new change in the show, from the airforce back drop to the college life? “Honestly, I would really want to tell everyone that this is Indian television, you have to put your logic behind while watching the shows and just take it as it comes”, opines the actress. She further adds, “Lets not debate on the character sketches and the way the story track flows, it is something that’s just there for pure entertainment….”

Lastly, on the Minissha Lamba episodic in the show, Jhanvi stated, “I’m glad she’s here, this will definitely help to promote the show”.

Misquoted Identities Revealed in Rock N Roll Family..

Zee’s Rock and Roll Family, the very unique dance reality show showcasing the talents of three generations of a family has now faced its first hurdle, just weeks after being on air!

The buzz around is that the two families participating in the show, the Kapoor family from Jaipur and the Ubale family have defied all rules of the show and the channel is very annoyed with them. Well, the cat is surely out of the bag now, as one of the members of the Kapoor family who claimed to be the son, is not even their blood-relative. In the case of Ubale’s, the family’s grandmother who has been loved by all turns out to be Ubale’s sister!! The channel and the show caught in the midst of these misquoted identities calls for a fair deal now, and going by the format of the show, the channel is contemplating packing off these families now.

Satish Dutt, the Director of the show throws more light on how these revelations about the families caught their notice. “At the time of auditions, every participant had to fill up forms and sign legal papers mentioning their relationship with one another. These two families were to do the same. But at the time of signing a legal bond, the Kapoor family declared that their son was adopted by them, as his real parents couldn’t bring him up. Also, the Obale family when continuously asked to sign the legal paper came out with the fact that the old lady was actually the sister!”

Well, how is the entire matter being handled now? “We have sent our investigating team to get more facts on this story. Though the families have pleaded that their real intention was to take part in the show and not to cheat them, Ajay Devgan, one of the judges on the show, got really wild with the turn of events”, confirms Satish.

It is heard that when the fact opened up, Ajay got very livid and demanded that these families be sent home, as they cannot be allowed to break rules. Satish adds on, “We are indeed in a state of shock about all that happened. Even though investigations are going on, I guess the matter has finally been left to the viewers to decide whether the families should be allowed on the show or not”.

A very unhappy state of affairs this, when we think that the show has its concept etched very clearly!!

Things spice up yet again for Annu and Ashu

Star One’s Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah has been in the spotlight for sometime now with the axing of Dev Keswani and entry of Amit Verma into the serial to play the adorable character of Ashu.

Well, when cupid hit the protagonists of the serial, Annu and Ashu, the creative team has decided to introduce a major twist to the tale which will keep the love birds far apart.

Yes, you guessed it right, and as always shown in serials, enters another woman into the life of Ashu, thus completing the love triangle. Actress Ridheema Tiwari, who plays the role of Mehak enters the show with a mission in hand to woo Ashu and get him away from his love, Annu.

Talking about her character in the serial, Ridheema says, “I play Mehak who wishes to run an orphanage and live life to the fullest. She is a very quiet and humble girl and this quality of hers impresses Ashu. But the reality is that, she is a struggling actress trying to meet both ends. She has been planted by Neil to distract Ashu’s attention from Annu and in the process Neil wants to execute his plans of destroying his brother and take away the restaurant from him”.

So is she the next ‘Mirchi’ in Annu’s blossoming love life? “Not really, I am not negative, I am just a person who is in need of money and does everything that Neil asks her to do”, clarifies Ridheema. The girl who is presently seen essaying the role of Shalini in Zee’s Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai says, “I have done few episodic roles in quite a number of shows. As of now, I am doing Har Ghar which will end very soon. I am glad that I have got into Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah as the parallel lead”.

As an ending note, the actress says, “This show has given me the creative satisfaction that I was longing for”.

Well, Ridheema might be satisfied, but it is now for the lovely duo of Annu and Ashu to escape from her claws!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Niyati Joshi enters Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan...

Niyati Joshi, the model turned actress has entered Zee’s Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan with a girl-next-door look to her role. Playing the close friend of the would-be-bridegroom Ranbir, Niyati expresses that she is love with her character. “I play Niyati, Ranbir’s friend, who is very simple and sweet”.

The actress who was earlier seen playing the adorable sister of Nahar and Brijesh in Saath Phere says that she was concentrating on her ad shoots in the break. “In addition to the ads, I also did a small role in Viruddh, but yes, I enjoyed the less strenuous schedule for a change”, quips the 2006 Miss India contestant.

Niyati feels at home with the star-cast of Betiyaan, as she says, “I know most of them very well, as I have worked with them previously. In fact, Romit Raj and I played the lead roles in Sahara One’s Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai”. So will we be seeing a love angle between Yuvraj, played by Romit Raj and Niyati in the serial? “Well, I will not be able to reveal much at this stage, but I can say that there will surely be a love track between us as the story proceeds”.

Niyati adds on to say, “It is really nice working with Romit again. Even after two long years, we share the same kind of chemistry”.

Well, as another love track opens up in Betiyaan, we wish Niyati the best of time!!

Minissha Lamba to eye 'Choona Hai Aasmaan'...

The trend seen of late with Bollywood super stars reaching out to the audience thro’ television continues as the gorgeous Minissha Lamba is all set for an episodic appearance in Star One’s Chhoona Hai Aasmaan, to promote her forthcoming film, ‘Shaurya’.

The story track of the serial which has moved from the backdrop of air force to college life will have Manissha playing a journalist who gets into the college to get a scoop on an on-going murder case.

Talking about the importance of the idiot box, the actress states, “Television is a big part of our homes in India. People who cannot make it to cinemas at least have a television in their homes, which enables the big-screen artistes to reach them”.

When quizzed on her role, Minissha says, “I play a journalist here, Kavya Shastri which is again my character name in my film ‘Shaurya’. I am here to investigate a murder case. My body language and my dressing sense are similar to what I have portrayed in my film”. The actress has shot few scenes which will be shown in the span of few episodes.

When asked about her take on big screens promoting themselves on television, Minissha promptly replied, “It is something that needs to benefit both the parties. It’s not that there’s just one person benefited in this whole deal. It’s a two-way game where the shows and the films are benefited.” When asked what made her zero in on Choona Hai for promoting her film, the actress very candidly replied, “This show is quite different from the rest. It is actually one of my favorites. The freshness in the show, along with the story track fitted my character to the ‘T’. I am happy doing this show, both professionally and personally as well”.

Well, hope this publicity really gives the much-needed ‘Shaurya’ for the success of the film!

'NO judges is the best part of Yeh Hai Jalwa' - Prachi Desai

The Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa winner – Prachi Desai, hits the dance floors once again with 9x’s Yeh Hai Jalwa. After dancing her way into millions of hearts, Prachi now takes charge on mastering five young college going students, into making them the next winners on reality television.

The Telly Buzz team talks to the young actress who heads 'Masti Ki Paatshala'...
Your take on Yeh Hai Jalwa..
Yeh Hai Jalwa completely rocks. I simply love the concept. The celebrities have to mentor their team. Jhalak helped me a lot to improve my dancing skills and I love dancing, so I took up this project.

How did the selection process happen?
My team consists of five enthusiastic young college students. The production house selected 20 best dancers from the whole of India and among whom I selected the best 5 to fom my 'Masti Ki Paatshala'..

With your busy schedule, how do you manage to rehearse with your team?
It’s really tough. I have the most hectic schedule. There is no fixed schedule for rehearsal because I have shooting and also the students have their college, thus we need to adjust our time. We haven’t had much of rehearsal time until now. We all love dancing and the best of all is that the students are very keen on working hard.

Unlike other reality shows, Yeh Hai Jalwa does not have a jury; what do you have to say about that?
This is the best part of Jalwa. We all had done reality shows prior to this, in which there was pressure by the judges. But as every coin has two sides, here we don’t have the judges, so no one is there to point out your mistakes and tell you where you’re going wrong, though this time there will only be celebrity judges and the audience ofcourse, to vote for us..

You are a Jhalak winner, so do you think there is an added pressure on you when it comes to winning Jalwa?
There is no pressure of winning, but yes there is a pressure of teaching students and also to do something different, I want to show more of the hidden talent in me that the audience have not see me doing, in Jhalak.

Who do you think is your biggest contender in the competition?
Everyone is a good dancer, so it’s very tough for me to pin down just one.


In its constant endeavour to provide Bigger, Better and Fresher entertainment to the entire family, mega Hindi General Entertainment channel 9X is all set to launch its song-and dance reality show, Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche, which is geared up for a March 28th release and will air every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm. And for the first time Indian Television will witness a contest between big city kids and small townies.

The show will be anchored by the King of the Hindi heartland, Bhojpuri films' superstar Manoj Tiwari, and the beautiful, glamorous and versatile actress, Roshni Chopra. While Roshni Chopra will inspire the Big City kids, Manoj Tiwari will champion the cause of the Small Town challengers.

The three celebrity judges on the show are ravishing Raveena Tandon, top choreographer-turned-director Ganesh Acharya, and accomplished music director duo Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, popularly known as Salim-Sulaiman. Interestingly, for all three celebrity judges on the show, Gini & Jony Chak de Bachche will mark their reality television debut.

Indrani Mukerjea, Founder & CEO – INX Media, said, "For the first time in Indian Television, Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche will pit 24 hugely talented children in a never-before Big City v/s Small Town contest, which will be a quest for the complete performer. It will provide compelling entertainment for the entire family ever Friday and Saturday night."

The 24 children, representing some of India's best talent in the 8-14 years age group, have been handpicked after extensive auditions across the country by producer-director Gajendrra Siingh and his team. Every child is not only a gifted singer, but a good dancer and a great performer as well. The kids are divided into teams of 12 each, one called the Bade Shaher ke Metro Rockers that comprises of kids from big cities and the other called Chhote Shaher ke Desi Dhurandar, the small townies.

So tune in to all the entertainment, drama and excitement on the mega music-and-dance entertainer GINI & JONY CHAK DE BACHCHE Fridays and Saturdays, 9 pm starting 28th March only on 9X.

Achint Kaur back to play Mandira ...

Achint Kaur and the very popular character of Mandira will soon be back in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is the confirmed news now!!! The buzz around raised an eyebrow or two, as amidst stories of Achint Kaur making a comeback, it was also heard that Mandira Bedi, the original face to the vamp, who had quit the show earlier was all set to make a comeback!

When asked about Mandira Bedi’s comeback to the serial, Nivedita Basu, Senior Creative Head, Star Plus says, “No, Mandira Bedi was essaying the role of Mandira before Achint took it up. But after that, the onus of playing the vamp has been on Achint. But to know more on the comeback of the popular vamp, watch the serial”.

So with the face of the vamp disclosed, we got to talk to the mighty Mandira, aka Achint Kaur who confirmed saying, “Yes, I am back as Mandira in the show. The production house called me and I spontaneously agreed”. Achint however remained clueless about the track, as she said, “I am not sure on what's really going on. I guess they willl do something related to Karan and Nandini's son's track. But to be very frank, it’s only this week, where I willl come to know what's going on and what's in store with my track. But one thing is for sure, Mandira can never change, so wait for the worst!!”.

All we can say is that, as the puzzle of who plays Mandira gets solved, there is more in store for the Viraani parivaar, who are busy rejoicing after the much-awaited union of the loved pair, Karan and Nandini…

'No Public voting is the best for a reality show' - Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi, the handsome Ranveer from Remix is back on the small tube with the latest reality show on Sony, Mr. and Ms. Television.

Why this long hibernation period? “I was really exhausted and needed a break after Remix. Plus I had such a satisfactory stint in Remix, I did not want to take up projects where my role is not good”, says Karan. Apparently, he was also busy with few big-screen projects during this time. “Unfortunately, none of them materialized. But I don't have any regrets as I am back to the small screen now with this show. I am considering some other projects as well”, says the handsome actor.

The reality show he is participating in, involves him singing as well. We have seen him as a good actor, but how confident is he with singing? "Well...I can dance pretty well, but am not so confident about singing! You have to listen to me and tell me! My buddies feel I am pretty bad at it!" confesses Karan. Since Mr. and Ms. Television is not based on audience poll, does it turn out to be a disadvantage for him? "Actually, I feel this method (of not having voting) is fairer, because the audience always votes for their favorite contestant and as a result, more deserving candidates lose out."

One good news, for all of Karan's fans is that they are going to see him in a new look. "I have experimented with my looks for all this while and have decided on a new look after trying out various options like growing a beard, long hair etc," explains Karan.

Did he make any special friend in these one and a half years? "You have to believe me, because my friends do not. I am not dating anyone!, comes the reply from the young lad.

Bratty Anvesha is back on Television

The red-haired funky ‘Remix’ girl, Priya Wal is back in action after a hiatus! The bubbly actress who was last seen in Sony’s ‘Jeete Hai Jiske Liye’ has recently entered Ekta’s Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, where she plays Aditi Sanghvi who comes from London looking for her mother.

Talking about her role in Kahaani, Priya says, “My entry in the serial is shown when I save Om from a bomb blast and when he takes me home, I come face to face with Parvati and claim that she is my mother”. Though the actress has no clue of the future track, she says, "The girl, Aditi has all the proofs which indicate that Parvati is her mother, including family pictures of the whole family, Janki(Parvati) her mom, Doctor Parv Sanghvi, her father and her in it".

Priya who has been out of action for sometime now, feels great to be working full-fledged again. “I will not say that I was on a complete break, as I was doing episodic here and there, but yes, Kahaani is something where I am doing something really big after Remix”, quips the girl.

The actress feels honored to work with Balaji Telefilms and expresses that the joy of getting this role has not sunk into her, yet. “I have just started shooting with them. I am still trying to adjust to their hectic working schedule, yet I am enjoying it”, says the actress.

Well, going back to the Remix days, her fabulous onscreen pairing with Raj Singh Arora caught the eyes of the viewers and here, the duo is back yet again with Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. With Raj playing the role of Ashu in the serial, does it mean that a romantic angle will sparkle between the two here too? “It would be great to team up with Raj once more. But unfortunately, till now, we have not shot even one scene together. I really do not know what is in store for the future track”, states Priya as she signs off.

'You never really know what fuels controversies' -Sonali Bendre

The ravishing Sonali Bendre returns to the screen as a judge on Sony's Mr. & Ms. Television. In An Interview, the stunning beauty speaks about the show, her take on reality shows and what the future holds for the belle.

What made you take up the judges’ chair on Mr. and Ms. Television?

Mr. and Ms. Television has a different and interesting concept. It includes a lot more than just mere singing and dancing. Another thing is that the duration of the show is just nine days so it is very convenient for me. It’s also interesting to see such well known faces in a different persona. And being on this show, I can be judgmental without thinking that ‘oh my God, I am being too judgmental about others’.

How does it feel to make an appearance before the public after such a long hiatus?

It feels good. In fact when I saw myself on television, I was stunned as I looked completely different. I failed to recognize myself and I just have to get used to being on the screen again. But on the whole it feels nice to be back.

There are a myriad of reality shows coming on television; what is your take on them?

I think reality shows are something that are very interesting and connect a lot to the audience. I really love all the drama associated with the reality shows.

What do you have to say about the controversial issues associated with these reality shows?

When it comes to those controversies, you never really know what actually fuels such controversies, whether it is the media who make an issue about the controversy or if it is done by the production house behind the reality show. And frankly we have been very uncontroversial in this show. We do have disagreements, but they are usually open discussions.

So can you tell us something about the concept of Mr. and Ms. Television through a judges’ perspective?

The concept of this show is completely different. In this show we will be seeing well-known television faces who are vying for the title of Mr. and Ms. Television. All these actors have always been known for the characters they have played in their respective television soaps. With this show, the viewers get to see their favourite stars coming out of their comfort zones. Like for instance, I had always seen Nausheen as Kkusum and when she performed here, I was quite stunned. And that is the interesting part about the show.

At the end of the show, you have to select one couple, so what aspect are you looking at when choosing the winner?

Basically what Madhur and I do is write down the marks after each episode, so at the end of the day it is basically all about the calculations. We mark them as individuals from our point of view, not as a couple, and that is where the marking helps us.

So what do you have planned after the show ends in nine days?

I have nothing planned. I have received a lot of offers but right now my main priority is my child. I feel that the first five years are the most important of any child’s life. My husband is also busy with his work and unless I can get a job where I can manage with my child I have nothing new in mind.

And will Sonali Bendre’s fans see her anytime soon on the silver screen?

Honestly, I don’t when they will see me back on the screen. Right now I am content in spending time with my family and supporting my husband while he makes his baby, Drona, which is taking quite a long time though (laughs).


Beginning March 31st, NDTV Imagine presents INDIADHANUSH, a unique new series that showcases fascinating and sometimes unknown facets of India's diverse artistic culture, lifestyle and heritage! Produced by Siddharth Kak's Cinema Vision India, Indiadhanush will air from Monday to Friday at 12.30 pm only on NDTV Imagine, making weekday afternoons more interesting!

The Indiadhanush team has traveled extensively across the length and breadth of the country to discover cultural connections, lesser known arts and artists, exotic destinations, unique facets of historic sites and new dimensions of the country's rich heritage as well as the lifestyle of its communities. This new series is hosted by Siddharth Kak and Ami Trivedi.

Each episode will focus on a series of subjects ranging from history, people, culture, arts and craft, music, dance, folk, wisdom and philosophy, showcasing the amazing discoveries! Indiadhanush will open your eyes to truly fascinating stories and fun filled features on the traditional art of tattooing in India, the varied turbans of Rajasthan, the kebab streets of Lucknow, the unique elephant jewellery and bangle making traditions, dance forms like Kerala’s Koodiyatam and Maharashtra’s Lavani. Journey to the coffee plantations of Coorg and the Bhagoriya mela of Jhabua and from the picturesque Lakshadweep islands to the rainforests of Andamans Andaman & Nicobar Islands!

Announcing the launch of this show, Ms. Shailja Kejriwal, EVP- Content, NDTV Imagine said, "People have become so busy in their day to day lives that they do not get the time to open their eyes to the beauty around them! While NDTV Imagine offers a range of programming that is distinctive and memorable, Indiadhanush will capture the myriad scenes, rich culture and vibrant personalities which will help our viewers rediscover our own country!”

Adds the director of the show, Mr. Siddharth Kak, "Indiadhanush is a show for everyone who loves India and will appeal to everyone across age groups! The show is an attempt to highlight the diversity of the country and will showcase a new discovery in each episode, in an entertaining manner!”

Indiadhanush will debut on NDTV Imagine on March 31, 2008 and will air from Monday to Friday at 12:30 pm.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chhote Ustaad celebrates a Royal Holi

After creating frenzy in Bhopal Amul Voice of India Chhote Ustaad contestants Aishwarya Majmudar, Prakriti Giri and Anvesha Dattagupta flocked to the pink city of Jaipur to enthrall the crowds with their mesmerizing performances. Its was like a Royal parade with Maharani of Jaipur, Padmini Devi, Maharaja Savai Bhavani Singh, Princess Diya Kumari and Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje Scindia gracing the occasion.

With elephants, royal guards and the eminent guest, the Amul Voice of India Cchote Ustaad set literally looked like a Royal palace, with musicians and the girls dressed like Rajput women. Voice Of India star, Toshi, the boy from Rajasthan was a surprise guest who set the mood for the evening. He found a great admirer in Maharani Padmini Devi who confessed of having supported Toshi during Voice of India and said that she was very disappointed on his elimination.

While the girls performed on folk galore with Aishwarya singing Kesariya Balam from Lekin, Anvesha reciting Rang De from Takshak and Prakriti setting mood for the onset of basant with Rangilo maro Dholna, the judges comment gave outburst to parents dismay. For the first time on Chhote Ustaad, a parent had an argument with the judges. Prakriti's bua, Mrs Rita responded to the harsh comments of the judges last Saturday by saying that the girl was very disturbed by the comments. She told them to explain their point to the child with kindness. What have the judges to say about this?

First time in the history of reality television, three girls have reached to finals vying for the most coveted title. In the times when people spoke of gender biases and boys getting more votes in all reality shows on television, Aishwarya, Prakriti and Anvesha have managed to win hearts over and establish themselves as the most strongest contenders of the title Chhote Ustaad.

While stylebhen Aishwarya Majmudar from Ahmedabad exemplify confidence with impeccable singing and outshines her earlier performance, the pride of Kolkata- Anvesha Dattaguptta gives her tough competition with her divine nodes; flawless and rapturous recital week after week; Prakriti Giri stuns all and sundry with her pop quotient.

It is going to be a big dilemma for the viewers to decide who should they vote –Aishwarya, Prakriti or Anvesha. In the meanwhile the viewers will also have some great music, mellifluous performances and a musical tussle to look forward to.

NDTV Imagine presents 'Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain'..

Imagine… a show that not only entertains but also teaches you how to communicate effectively in English! Beginning March 24, 2008, NDTV Imagine will give a new meaning to television viewing with the launch of "Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain", a unique new edutainment show that aims to draw attention to the nuances of the English language in an entertaining manner! Produced by Sidharth Basu's Synergy Adlabs, the show promises to appeal to the whole family. This show will air from Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. and at 11.00 pm only on NDTV Imagine.

This fresh, new show is set in a classroom of a varied collection of students. Teaching them the essentials of the language is Shernaz Patel, their teacher who is also a warm and understanding mentor. She not only motivates her students with the correct use of the language, but also explains situations to them from their point of view, so that they can truly absorb the lesson. Each of the students in this class hail from different parts of the country and from diverse social backgrounds like a salesman, a housewife, a business man, a working woman, a shopkeeper, a student among others. All of them are there to learn spoken English! Every episode will teach one lesson, followed by funny and entertaining acts that will give the show an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Each episode will culminate with a song, which will highlight the lesson for the evening.

Announcing the launch of this unique show, Ms. Shailja Kejriwal, EVP- Content, NDTV Imagine said, "NDTV Imagine aims to unify families with a range of programming that is fresh, distinctive and memorable! 'Nachle Ve With Saroj Khan'was the first show that added value to audiences who were open to drop their inhibitions and learn how to dance. Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain is our next attempt to enable audiences to communicate effectively in spoken English in the comfort of their homes, absolutely free. It will cater to all age groups, across all kinds of educational backgrounds and will instill a sense of confidence in them. This is a first-of-its-kind attempt by a GEC and we are quite sure that it will be appreciated by our viewers!"

Adds Shernaz Patel, who plays the role of a teacher in Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain, "I have never played a role like this before, so I'm very excited about this show. I love the concept wherein we are not only entertaining viewers but also assisting them in learning spoken English. I hope they enjoy the show as much as we did shooting for it."

Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain will debut on NDTV Imagine on March 24, 2008 and will air from Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm and at 11.00 pm

Grab your Ticket to Bollywood

Capturing the best of the ‘jhatkas and matkas’ of Hindi Cinema and bringing alive Bollywood’s best dances… Star One presents ‘Ticket to Bollywood’. An exhilarating event full of masti, mazaa and enthralling performances by our very own TV stars as they pay tribute to the greatest Bollywood jodis. Hosted by none other than Ali Asgar and the lady people love to hate Urvashi Dolakia, catch sizzling performances by Eijaz and Anita, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda, Ronit Roy and Sakshi Tanwar among others this Sunday, March 23rd at 8 p.m. on Star One.

Some of the breathtaking performances:

* Eijaz Khan & Anita dance to the tunes of some of the greatest hits of Shammi Kapoor & Asha Parekh

* Krushna, Vivaan Bathena, Neha Bamb groove to the foot tapping numbers of the famous trio Govinda, Sanjay Dutt and Karisma Kapoor

* Adorable Nach Baliye 3 winning jodi Aamir Ali & Sanjeeda on the super hit jodi of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor

* Shweta Tiwari and Mouni Roy on the dancing divas Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai

* Ronit Roy & Sakshi Tanwar on the evergreen Bollywood jodi Amitabh and Rekha

* Manav Gohil and Juhi Parmar on Shahid, Kareena and Soha Ali Khan

Presenting dance moves right from rock ‘n’ roll numbers of Shammi Kapoor, the exuberance of Mumtaz, the grace of Asha Parekh to the greatest dance numbers of Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai and many more… the tellystars are sure to keep the audience grooving and that too in true Bollywood ishtyle! So, grab your Ticket to Bollywood this Sunday March 23, 8 p.m. only on Star One.

Catch the action of Mr. & Ms. Television only on Sony

If you think reality shows are done to death and they cant get bigger and better, think again. Here comes a new show only on Sony Entertainment Television which is going to start a new trend in reality TV. Mr & Ms TV is a 2 week show which has 12 sensational tv artists. They will sing for you, they will dance for you, they will act for you.. and there is a lot more in this power pact show which will sweep you of your feet…

Double entertainment begins as Shonali Nagarani, our host invites our first judge Sonali Bendre… 2 beautiful ladies on the stage surely heat up the stage with their mere presence. Our second judge for the evening is the versatile and talented director; Madhur Bhandarkar.

The first contestant of the evening: Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri set the mood by performing on the sultry dance number from Omkara- namak ishq ka. She not only set the mood right but got a lot of audience cheer. She was given a lovely surprise when her husband Apurva walked on stage rooting for her along with her mother and her friend Ritu.

Next on stage was Jasweer, who raced in peoples hearts as she danced on a sizzling number from Race- Jara Jara Touch Me Touch me… for Jassi as people call her dancing is in her genes and she can not stop herself from moving the moment music begin…This dame cannot stop talking and dancing is what her friends and co-artists - Vaishnavi & Gulfam had to talk about this very energetic and bubbly girl.

Aashka Goradia reminded everyone of our very own evergreen Madhuri Dixit as she swayed to the lovely number – Hum ko aajkal kai intezaar… This gujju girl got judges admiration along with the audience hooting. Rohit & Manasi Joshi walked on stage to wish Aashka as she dedicated her performance to her mother.

Nausheen really was the surprise package of the evening as she danced to the naughty number from Cash- Hey Chori Jara Thumka Laga, No one in the audience or judges thought that this elegant and ladylike girl can dance to such a naughty number with the right expressions. She came and broke all the inhibitions people had about her on stage as she set the stage on fire in her red outfit.

Purbi entered the stage on bike on the racing number – Race saanson ki… No one knew that this comic actor can outdo herself on the dance floor. Well but it didn't take her to get back in her real character when her friends Suresh Menon & Suchitra Pillai joined her on stage along with her sister Ketki Dave.

The last but not the least performance was by Priyanka Bassi who swayed on the soft number from Ashoka- San sanan nan and swayed into the heart of the audience present. Her colleagues from Left Right Left joined her to wish her luck for the contest ahead..

To catch all this and a lot more don't forget to join and watch the first episode of Mr & Ms Tv only on Sony Entertainment Television starting March 24 at 10.00 pm.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ekta Kapoor decideds to launch Ten New shows

Ekta Kapoor has decided to launch Ten New shows on various channels .The lead pairs of most of the shows have been decided and they are just waiting for the right time to announce the details of the show.

Karnvir Bohra -Neha Bamb: After the Kasauti Zindagi Kay fiasco, Manoj Bohra, now known as Karnvir Bohra is back in the Balaji camp with their new show opposite Neha Bamb, who will also be seen in Ekta camp after the success story of Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai! The new show, titled Kya Pyar Itna Mushkil Hai will have Karnvir in a never-seen-before avtar and Neha as an aspiring model. The serial inspired from the story, ‘Page 3’ is an attempt of Ekta to break the shackles of the usual Saas-Bahu saga and try something different!! Let’s see what Fate has in store for All!

Pulkit Samrat-Prachi Desai: Yes, you heard it right!! Pulkit is all set to be back in Ekta soap after the court battles and trials they both recently had. Prachi Desai has worked as Bridge between the two, and she will play the role of something close to the character of Rani Mukherjee in Black, while Pulkit is going to be the teacher who will make her into a successful entrepreneur. Timings of the show is still not clear, but most probably it will replace the show Kyunki on Star Plus, and the show name is ‘Kuch Toh Hua Hai!

Husein-Shubhangi Atre: After her successful stint as Kasturi in the Star Plus show, Shubhangi has been roped in again by Balaji in another show opposite the hot and happening Husein Kuwajerewala, who again gets back to Ekta stables after a long hiatus!! When we contacted Hussein, he remained unavailable but as the grapevine says, he has signed the show for a whopping amount. The show is inspired from the Latest Bollywood Flick ‘Om Shanti Om’, so another Reincarnation saga is here for the Television audience to see. The show’s tentative name is ‘Khoobsurat!’

Anand Suryavanshi-Aamna Shariff: Arguably the most sought after actress of the small screen, is now paired with one of the better lookers of small screen. Their presence together will surely lighten up the Television Screen. Aamna has refused many offers before she agreed to take up this assignment. According to her, this is a once in a lifetime role which she couldn’t resist, but say yes!. On the other hand, Anand has recently done a cameo in the Balaji show ‘Kya Dil Main Hai’. It is said that Anand is very much looking forward to play this role. The show is loosely based on the movie Sarkar of RGV and more known actors will join soon, and the name of the show is Kabhi Na Kabhi’!

Sachin Shroff-Divyanka Tripathi: As confessed by Sachin that he wants to work with Divyanka Tripathi in one of the interviews to media, Ekta is all set to cast the two in a new show, Khwab - the Dream’! Ekta always wanted to work with Divyanka after watching her performance in Dulhann, while on the other side Ekta and Sachin always wanted to work together, and were just waiting for the right script. Both the actors are quite excited about their role; this will be a weekly show. Sachin is all gearing up for working with his desired co-star and Balaji camp. Both of them will be seen in a new look in the show.

Karan Singh Grover-Anita Hasnandani: The Latest Hunk of small screen and the most sought after actor is back to his mentor as well. Karan is quite ecstatic to be back where he started his career 6 years ago. Anita is also back as a lead after playing cameos in various Balaji shows. The show will be a sci-fi thriller based on another planet, where both the lead actors will play aliens and their experience when they visit the planet Earth. Let’s see how Balajii will bring the usual Saas-bahu special in here! The show will be called ‘Karan and Kajal’.

Sharad Malhotra-Shilpa Anand: After winning hearts of millions with the portrayal of Saagar in Dulhan, Sharad will host a reality show with Ridhima aka Shilpa Anand of Dill Mill Gayye. The Reality show will be based on a totally new concept where judges can be participants and vice-versa. The show’s name is ‘Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Yaar’! Talks are on with many Bollywood stars and Page 3 celebrities, and more information on the show will be divulged in the near future, as stated by one of the Creative heads of Balaji Telefilms.

Apoorva Agnihotri-Gauri Pradhan: After singing his way to glory in ‘Say Shaava Shaava’ , Apoorva Agnihotri is back to acting with a plum role in the Balaji’s yet to be named show. Gauri Pradhan is slated to be opposite him, Gauri will be seen playing a pilot in the serial. The show will showcase the personal side of soldiers and what problems they face while being away from their family. The show most probably will be a weekly.

Iqbal Khan-Sudeepa Singh: After her not so successful stint as Kangana, Sudeepa is back with a Bang with a Balaji show under her kitty, opposite the hot and handsome Iqbal Khan. Iqbal shrugs off all the stories of tiff between him and Ekta and has signed the show on the dotted lines. The show will be directed and conceived by Smriti Irani and this will be the first show where Smriti has jumped into direction .When we contacted Smriti, she remained tight-lipped and refused to comment on anything. The show’s name and story is still in its early stages, but most probably will be called ‘Kashish’!

Aamir Ali-Sanjeeda Sheikh: After many successful stage shows, the much sort after off-screen couple will share a sizzling on-screen chemistry in Ekta’s ‘Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya’. The show is based on the evergreen Love story by Shakespeare, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and will be based in London. According to the sources, this will be the most expensive show ever made! Both the actors are quite upbeat about their roles and rearing to give their best. The music of this show will be composed by the trio of Shankar Ehsaan and Loy.…

This is all a BLUFF, a fragment of our Imagination as During Holi, practices which at other times could be offensive, are allowed. Squirting colored water on passers-by, dunking friends in mud pool amidst teasing and laughter, getting intoxicated on bhang, playing pranks on innocent people and reveling with companions is perfectly acceptable. In fact, on the days of Holi, you can get away with almost anything just by saying, ‘BURA NA MANO, HOLI HAI!!’.

So, before you all start contemplating, as how these stars will look opposite Each other, We say don’t lose hope, maybe they might work together, but not for now!!

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