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Friday, March 28, 2008

Aksshat Gupta enters Sangam..

Star Plus’ prime-time show Sangam which has the lovers Saagar (played by Chaitanya Chaudhury) and Ganga, (Jennifer Winget) crossing swords against each other, courtesy, a big misunderstanding will go thro’ further twists.

As the protagonists try their level best to save the business empire of the recently killed Shekar (Rajesh Shringarpure), here comes a new guy in their life, Rahul Mehra.

Aksshat Gupta, who was earlier seen in Mamta and Meri Doli Tere Angna makes his entry as Rahul Mehra, the strict, arrogant and rich businessman and Shekar’s international financial partner. Talking about his role, Aksshat says, “Rahul Mehra is one of the international financers for Shekar who hails from Malaysia. He comes down to India when he gets to know of Shekar’s untimely death to have a check at the Company’s progress”.

The story will now revolve around Saagar and Ganga as they strive hard to make up for the loss in the company and save the company from the hands of Rahul Mehra. “Rahul gives Saagar and Ganga ten days time to get the company back to normalcy and threatens to withdraw all the sources if they fail to do so”, adds Aksshat.

Elaborating more on his character, the actor says, “I play a positive character here. Though the guy comes out as an arrogant businessman to begin with, he has his own positive shades and he goes on to be one of the pillars of strength for Ganga”. On quizzed whether this is a cameo role, Aksshat confides, “I am here to stay. The story will take a turn later wherein Rahul falls for Ganga”.

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