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Friday, March 28, 2008

'Winning or losing really does not matter' - Anwesha Dattagupta

Anwesha Duttagupta, the contestant in Chhote Ustaad from Kolkata has won many hearts through her soulful singing. Even after coming in the scaryland repeatedly, this girl made sure to make it to the finals through her talent. She won the hearts of everyone on the show with her sweet smile and her melodious singing. A very down to earth girl she is sure to create waves in the music industry is what most music lovers feel.

How has your journey been through Chhote Ustaad?

It has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot apart from the competition. And I enjoyed a lot with all my friends. And most importantly, I got to learn a lot from two very important people Anand Sharma and Anuj Kapoor, who help us train and give us a lot of technical tips.

How do you feel reaching the finals?

I am quite excited about being in the finals. I am workinhg really hard and we will try and give our best so that the finale is a rocking show.

Were you sure of coming this far?

I wouldn’t say that I was over-confident of making it big here, at the same time I was sure that I had it in me to move on in the competition. My mother had always told me to take it one step at a time. And that’s what I did, I started out slowly by thinking that I just hope I reach the top 11 first. Doing so, I have finally reached the finals.

How are you preparing for the finals?

Preparation is going on pretty strong. We are concentrating a lot more on the performance and our singing. Along with the tension of being in the finals, there is also a lot of excitement. We are working very hard to make sure the finale is a good show.

Among the three judges, who is ur favorite?

All three of them are equally nice. They have all been very caring towards us throughout the competition. They have always made their decisions unanimously and their comments usually don’t vary. All three are the best in their own style and genre.

In the usual format of such shows except for the finals, all the ronds are done in the studio. How do you feel going through this changed format? Which format do you feel is better?

Well when it is a live performance, we have to practice a lot more than for a recorded performance. There is a lot of stress and tension associated with a live performance. In fact I was present for the grand finale of Star Voice of India and I saw that there were a lot of rehearsals held. I have never thought on the lines of which format is better. Both the formats are good in their own way.

Who among you two have the best chance to win?

Umm… what can I say about that? Both of us are working very hard and will give our best. Winning or losing is a part of any competition. All I can say is that after coming to this platform, we have received equal adulation and blessings and I don’t think winning or losing really matters, after reaching to this level.

Any incident that touched you and you would be taking with you after the show gets over?

Yeah I do have a special memory. When the Star Voice of India finale was going on, Lata Mangeshkar had come as the celebrity judge on the show and I was quite excited to meet her. I went up to her and received her blessings too.

Future plans after this show?

After Chhote Ustaad, I hope to become a successful playback singer. Hopefully as I grow I become a versatile singer, that’s all is what I wish for.

Actresses you would love to do playback singing for?

I would like to do playback singing for all the actresses.

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Anonymous said...

Anwesha - hats off to you. You only deserved the winner. It is the voting bank which counted - not the talent. Wish you all the best.

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