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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hussain goes for an image makeover

If you spot Tina Kuwajerwala looking smug these days, do not be surprised. After all, how many women get to make their husbands go for an image overhaul? Apparently, Hussain’s better half was bored sick of his image as Sumit Wadhwa. That’s the name of the character he plays in the television soap, Kumkum. The show has been on since the past eight years and Hussain has had the same look all this while.

Recently, when the serial took a big leap, Tina got a golden chance to convince Hussain to get an image makeover. The fact that for the past eight years, Hussain has been using a select set of colours and look was a major turn off for Tina. After a lot of emotional blackmailing and protests, she got her way and now Hussain is a changed man. Well, at least his wardrobe has changed and so has the colour of his eye lens. Wait a minute, if it’s a big leap that Hussain has had in Kumkum, won’t he be too old to own a funky wardrobe and coloured lenses?

'Lakshya: Most popular after Baa and Tulsi'

After an unsuccessful stint in the movies with Rok Sako To Rok Lo and Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, Yash Pandit will be seen in Star Plus' popular television soap, Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The actor has replaced Pulkit Samrat, and is now playing his character, Lakshya.

Yash Pandit

A few months ago when Pulkit walked out of Balaji Telefilms, Yash was anything but the obvious choice since he was neither a television star nor a successful movie star. So how did he bag the role? "Balaji was looking out for the new Lakshya and they got in touch with me. When I met Nivedita Basu, creative head of Balaji, she discussed several roles with me, including Lakshya. I took an instant decision and asked for Lakshya's role. This character is the most positive character in the Virani family and most popular one after Baa and Tulsi," Yash says.

"I was not aware of how popular the character was. I was only aware of Pulkit stepping down because of some personal reasons," he continues. "I have not watched every episode of the serial before I joined, but I watched a few. Many of my aunts watch this serial and I managed to catch a few episodes."

But isn't he moving away from the big screen? "Not really," he says. "So many actors have done that. Ever since Amitabh Bachchan stepped into television, the importance of this medium has changed. Even now, stars like Akshay Kumar , Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are working on the small screen. It means a lot in terms of money and popularity.

"Nothing went wrong with my career," he clarifies. "I am an actor and for an actor, it's not good to be jobless. But yes, the big screen has its own charisma. I have a film lined up with Rituparno Ghosh, which will start early next year.

"As of now, I am concentrating on Lakshya. Three or four months down the line, I may take a part in a reality show," he informs. "Working for India's top production house in the most popular serial is a big achievement for me. And people here are unbelievably helpful, including Smritiji [Irani]," concludes Yash.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jackie Shroff and Sahil Chaddha in Chak De Bachche..

This weekend is being marked as a momentous one for GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche due to the novel aspect that has been introduced for the pleasure of all its loyal viewers. Till now each episode showed one Jodi bidding goodbye as such is life and the format of our game! However, this time one will witness new talent infused into the show with enthusiastic kids joining the family via the aptly named ‘Happy Card Round’. These kids buzzing with talent will then be seen fighting it out with the eliminated participants to make their way up acting as total surprise elements! So, stay tuned to catch this high drama, entertaining episode of GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche this weekend Friday & Saturday, at 9.00 pm only on 9X

If at all your favorite jodi has been eliminated, then don’t lose hope as it is highly likely that they may find their way back into the show to continue entertaining the audiences better than before! Well, as for the old participants its time to utilize all the aces up their sleeves as the eliminated ones are coming back with renewed energy, masti and josh and a killer never-say-die attitude!!!! The 7 jodis participating in the Happy Card round are Shubham & Rupali, Vaibhav & Hargun, Areeb & Prabhjot, Rishika & Tamojit, Tanu & Abhishek, Debolina &Alpansh, and Rik & Nemisha. But, which returned Jodi will be able to hold their own against the increased levels of competition??? How insecure will the existing breed get with the old ones returning and new entries as well??!! To what extent will the participants go to, to protect their positions???!

ON Saturday the show will commence with a fantabulous performance by the musical duo Salim-Sulieman who sing “Kuch Paane Ki Ho Khas Khas” leaving everyone wanting for more!!! To add to the adrenaline rush, you would witness the most handsome and stylish man in the Bollywood, also prominently known as Jaggu Dada making a starry appearance on the show. Watch how Jackie Shroff grooves with the kids and encourages using his charismatic ways!!! Not to miss his expert comments on every jodi in his own tapori style. Also joining him will be Director/Actor of ‘Thoda Life Thoda Magic’ Sahil Chaddha.

The performances on Saturday see the kids shake and groove on fun songs which gets the entire audience go gaga. The songs on which they perform this time include Kuch kariye, Jhoom barabar jhoom, Aaj ki raat, Hum se hai muqabla, Koi kahe kehta rahe and many more foot tapping songs!

Till then hold on to your breath to know which eliminated jodi would come back on the show!!! Ganesh Acharya is bowled out by one jodi, which one would that be??? The competition is getting fiercer and tougher!! How will the kids cope??

Watch GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche this weekend Friday & Saturday, at 9.00 pm only on 9X to catch all the fun, masti, & masala.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite jodi…

The biggest epic Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki starts 7th July...

Finally, the question being asked by millions of TV viewers across India has been answered. Mega Hindi GEC 9X has announced the launch date of its magnum opus, Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki, which has undoubtedly been the most eagerly awaited show in the country this year.

Indrani Mukerjea, Founder & CEO, INX Media, said, "I am delighted to announce that Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki will premiere on 9X on the 7th of July, at 9 pm, and will air Mondays to Thursdays. I am confident that 9X's MAHAABHAARAT, which has the biggest Indian stars in the greatest drama ever, will do justice to the great epic with its unique and contemporary presentation, and will help us deliver yet again on 9X’s promise of 9 times more entertainment to millions of TV viewers across the nation."

Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki has been made with the highest production values and a grandeur never seen before. This compelling and timeless drama, produced by Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms for 9X, features an array of super stars such as Ronit Roy, Sakshi Tanwar, Aryan Vaid, Chetan Hansraj, Akashdeep Saigal, Anita Hassanandani, Rakshanda Khan and Makrand Deshpande, along with several others whose names will be revealed over the next few days. Through the epic series, 9X will also present to Indian TV viewers some of the most exciting new talent.

Shot on a truly epic scale with spectacular sets and in locations such as Ladakh, Jaipur and Wai, 9X's MAHAABHAARAT promises to be a production for all time and all generations. The series is being shot on High Definition format for the first time, and features the best technical team and a powerful, well researched script with costumes by Manish Malhotra that do not fall into a ‘mytho’ stereotype but are a fresh yet believable interpretation. Created with the latest techniques in film production and special effects, 9X’s MAHAABHAARAT has been created for today’s generation and will feel more real than ever before, with a strongly contemporary and fresh appeal while retaining the power, grandeur and values of the great epic.

Says Indrani Mukerjea, "Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki on 9X is a gripping spectacle of relationships, power, politics and values, with all the dramatic excitement and interplay of emotions that makes Ved Vyasa's Mahabharat a story for all time and all generations. We are confident that Kahaani Hamaaray MAHAABHAARAT Ki on 9X will have the same appeal and relevance for life today that it had thousands of years ago."

Now, millions of TV viewers in India can experience the greatest story ever told!

NDTV Imagine presents 'Tyohaar Ki Bahaar'

This Sunday, join in the festivities as NDTV Imagine presents ‘Tyohaar Ki Bahaar’, a special television event to celebrate the best of Indian Festivals. Tyohaar Ki Bahaar will feature on-stage performances by television’s favourite artists such Shweta Tiwari, Eijaz Khan, Naman Shaw, Surveen Chawla, Chaitanya Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, Krishna and Ketki. This two hour special, to be aired at 8:30 pm, on June 22, takes viewers on an exciting and enlightening journey through the colorful festivals celebrated across this cultural rainbow called India.

‘Tyohaar Ki Bahaar’ will feature song and dance performances by television’s leading stars on songs that have become symbolic to the celebrations during these festivals. Naman and Megha will kick start the event with an energetic performance on the song Rang De Basanti commemorating the ‘Yellow’ festival ‘Basant Panchami’, the Hindu festival traditionally celebrated on the first day of spring. The ‘Yellow’ festival is marked with people usually wearing yellow garments, Saraswati worshippers dressed in yellow and yellow sweets being consumed within the families.

On Sankranti, the Gujarati's offer thousands of their colorful oblations in the form of beautiful kites all over the skyline with great devotion, fervour and gaiety. Surveen and Chaitanya will perform on Kaipoche, a song that best depicts the festival. The festivities get in to full swing with Krishna, Shweta and Eijaz raising the tempo to celebrate Baisakhi, a festival that marks the harvest season in North India. The trio will bring forth the Punjabi spirit through songs like Balle Balle, Tere Roop Di Gori Balle Balle and Nagada Nagada.

The artists will pay their reverence to the Gods with a well compiled feature on Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmasthmi. Naman, Megha, Chaitanya and Surveen will dance to celebrate the respective days when Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna bestowed their presence on the earth for all their devotees. The Navratri or the nine nights of worshipping nine forms of Shakti (Metaphor for Goddess Durga) is celebrated with vigour and fervour in all parts of the country particularly in Western India. Ketki and Krishna will groove to the Dandiya beats on songs like Chalo Dheere Dheere, Odhni Odhu To Udi Udi Jaye, Aayo Re Mahro Dholna and Halo Sambho

Durga Puja, the largest Hindu festival in Bengal, is celebrated over the preceding nine days of Navaratri. The festival is traditionally viewed as the coming of the married daughter, Durga, to her father, Himalaya’s home. Eijaz, Shweta and Ketki will dance to some of the big Hindi film hits like Maa Sheravali, Dola re Dola and Jai Ma Kali dedicated to the Goddess.

Eijaz and Krishna will conclude the revelries for the night with an enthralling performance celebrating the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. The two will celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr with dance performance on the recent hits Khwaja Mere Khwaja and Dekho Chand Aaya

Apart from the electrifying performances, ‘Tyohaar Ki Bahaar’ will also enlighten viewers about the various facts about these festivals providing various insights relating to mythology, superstitions and unknown facts.

Tune in to NDTV Imagine on June 22, 2008 from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm and join the celebrations!

Fastest Player Ever in Paanchvi Pass....

his Sunday’s episode of Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? promises to be a sure entertainer!!! The participants here haven’t gone through the usual grind of stringent auditions and screening sessions. They have come in through a direct entry mechanism via the ‘Airtel Skip The Gun Contest’ which allowed few lucky Airtel users to participate in the show directly.

This Airtel Special episode saw the fastest playing contestant as he confidently scaled the money ladder and, of course, the contestants getting a dose of Professor Shah Rukh’s pungent humour, whacky one liners and evil laughter!!! What more can you ask for?

The first Airtel special contestant for the day was Naresh Rai Saxena, a senior secondary school’s director, from Kota. He slowly climbs the money ladder with the help from the kids for the simplest of Fifth Grader Questions. His ignorance on whether Dolphins sleep with an eye open, made him fall prey to Shah Rukh’s tongue-firmly-in-cheek (and one eye firmly closed) comments providing for some interesting banter between the two. Shah Rukh even offered to go swimming with him to see if dolphins really sleep with an eye closed. Will he be able to win enough to realize his dreams of opening a girl’s college?

The next contestant for the day was Vibhor Badoni, a civil services student, from Dehradun. Vibhor was aware that this special episode will not have any rollover contestant so he ensured that he didn’t waste any time and focused on the questions, tried to get each answer right quickly and win as much as possible. His remarkable speed and comprehensive analytical reasoning even took Shah Rukh by surprise. So impressed was Shah Rukh that he tells Vibhor; “I’ve never had as mush fun with any contestant so far as I’ve had in quizzing you.” He outdid all previous contestants in speed and accuracy and proved to be the fastest playing contestant till date on the show. Will he be able to outwit the Fifth Graders and take away Rupees five crores to fulfill his dreams?

To know this and see more fun-filled moments, watch Airtel Special episode of Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Sunday, June 15 only on Star Plus!!

Chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan and his princess Kareena Kapoor with SRK.

It's takeover time on Saturday's episode of Kya Aap Pannchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Bollywood actor, Saif Ali Khan, has replaced Shah Rukh Khan as the host on the show and Shah Rukh Khan has taken over Saif's girlfriend Kareena Kapoor as a quid pro quo. Oops! What's up?

Actually, Saif Ali Khan opens the game as the host and invites Shah Rukh Khan as a contestant to play the game that quizzes your primary level education, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Shah Rukh enters with Kareena Kapoor, hand in hand, and announces that as Saif has overtaken his show, he has stolen Saif's girlfriend. It's a fun moment seeing Saif's reaction to this!

This celebrity episode of Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez hain? will put many questions to the hottest couple in the industry- Saif and Kareena.
Also revealed for the FIRST time on television are cute anectodes like when did Saif first meet Kareena and how they fell in love? Do they
fight and what do they do when they are mad at each other? Also, who is more intelligent of the two, especially in fifth grade questions?

Despite being warned and tutored by his daughter, Saif Ali Khan was bowled by some of the initial questions; he was found biting his nails all through. But once they climbed up the initial money tree, he became confident and actually came across as well read and analytical, much to Kareena's surprise, and the look of admiration as Saif cracks every answer is priceless. Shah Rukh also teases Saif each time he gives a right answer, saying, "Shakal se Lagta nahin, par Saif Intelligent hain".

The classmates had a rollicking time with the celebrity couple. They were all dressed as Saif and Kareena and kept pulling their leg in childlike innocence. Anubhav flaunted his Kareena tattoo which
resembled the one on Saif's wrist and even sang a song for her. Shriya gifted a small T-shirt that she had outgrown to Kareena saying that she thought it might just fit Kareena because of her size zero. Milanjeet offered Saif-Kareena a full gheewala Laddoo; Saif and SRK gobbled it down but Kareena, being figure conscious, just took a nibble, and was horrified that Saif had swallowed the entire ladoo. Catch all this fun stuff at one fun stop-Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se Tez Hain? on June 14, 8 pm only on Star Plus.

Saif-eena, as Shah Rukh's acronym for Saif and Kareena, will be playing for Charity. Saif Ali Khan will donate the winning amount to Naaz, organization, Delhi, for HIV postive kids in Delhi which is endorsed by his mother, Sharmila Tagore, while Kareena will use the funds for the aged and lonely parent from St. Anthony Old Age Home, Bandra.

Watch Saif and Kareena getting grilled with some fiery Fifth Class
questions on Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Fri-Sat-Sun at 8 pm
only on Star Plus.

Watch the adventures of Pawan Putra Hanuman on Ramayan!

Starting June 24th, another significant chapter unfolds on the Ramayan with the appearance of the mighty Hanuman! This epic story unravels the strong bond between the mighty, yet humble monkey deity and Lord Ram. Stories of Hanuman’s love, devotion, selfless service, knowledge, power and strength are revealed on NDTV Imagine’s Ramayan, starting June 24th at 9:30 p.m.!

While Lord Ram and Lakshman look for Sita who has been abducted by the demon king Ravan, their search brings them to the vicinity of the mountain Rishyamukha, where the monkey king Sugriva lives with his followers. Having seen them in his territory, Sugriva sends Hanuman to ascertain their identities. Hanuman approaches the two brothers in the disguise of a Brahmin but soon realizes that Ram is none other than his revered master. Thereafter, Hanuman's life becomes interwoven inextricably with that of Ram. Hanuman then brings about a friendship and alliance between Ram and Sugriva. When Sugriva realizes that Ram is Lord Vishnu in a mortal avatar, he and his followers become his devotees. While Ram helps Sugriva regain his honor and makes him king of Kishkindha, Sugriva and his vanaras, most notably Hanuman, help Ram defeat Ravan and reunite with Sita.

The strong bond between Shri Ram and Hanuman is one of the emotional strengths of Ramayan. Hanuman becomes the hero of the chapters that narrate the battle between Lord Ram and Ravan. He is the eternal symbol for mankind of unconditional devotion, faith and love of the devotee for the Lord. The episodes which ensure after the meeting of Ram and Hanuman are strong in emotional content and are filled with ceaseless special effects as the Monkey lord performs one amazing feat after another! The character of Hanuman will be played by Vikram Sharma.

Don’t miss the beginning of this vital stage of the Ramayan starting Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 9:30 p.m. only on NDTV IMAGINE.

Yuvraj Singh & Harbhajan Singh on 10 Ka Dum.

The men in blue make it a red-letter day! It is the first celebrity episode of 10 Ka Dum. It was not Salman Khan's friends from the film industry as guests; instead he had none other than the men in blue (or should that be red and off-white and different shades of blue?) cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh to play the game with him. Yuvi, (as Yuvraj is called), with his sixes and Bhajji's (as Harbhajan is called) hat trick brought the house down with their banter and quick wit. This of course gives an inkling of what goes on in the Indian dressing room. The fun-filled episode is replete with anecdotes from the two cricketers.

To a question on how many Indians think that "Mard ko dard nahin hota…" Bhajji replied, "Mujhe to bahut hota hai! When I got the ball on my ribs I was pretending that I was alright but actually I could barely breathe!" he said with a grin. Salman too narrated an incident when a driver drove the car right over his toes and how he pretended it was okay but the foot in question had swollen alarmingly in no time.

When Salman asked the duo how they play untiringly during cricket matches while he gets exhausted just running during shoots… Bhajji quickly retorted, "It depends on who you are running after… Was it Vivek Oberoi?"

Later when Salman asked the two who their favorite actress was, Yuvi wickedly said "Katrina Kaif" to which a blushing Salman said: "Mine too." But Bhajji 'tried' to be politically correct & said "Lara Dutta - but I like Katrina too!"

While answering a question on what percentage of Indians are not embarrassed about passing wind in public… (Remember, Sameer's "hawa ka jhonka in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!). Yuvi pointed out that this question of course is all thanks to Nandini of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam! It had Salman turning a shade of crimson.

There's a lot of leg pulling and camaraderie on this episode, that's when the three are not breaking into a bhangra mode at each win! Yuvi with Bhajji's support reached the Rs 1 crore mark – a first on 10 Ka Dum. It was celebrated in style! The two were there to support charity. Of the Rs 1 crore they won, the two buddies decided to give 50 Lakh to Salman's Charity Foundation and Rs. 25 lakh to the charity run by Yuvi's mom and Rs 25 lakh to the little boy who was in the news recently and whose plight touched Bhajji's heart enough to spur him to visit the little boy in hospital in Agra.

Catch all the action from the sets, off the cricket field and on it too! A great episode made even more special by Salman, Yuvi and Bhajji.

Salman Khan's magic works wonders for Sony.

Salman Khan has proved that he is the undisputed darling of the masses and without any doubt has loads of Dum. The show has received rave reviews and an overwhelming response from audiences. The launch of 10 Ka Dum has catapulted SET to a No. 1 position across all channels in the critical Friday and Saturday 9-10 pm slot with a 13.5% share. Star Plus stood at the second position with a 11.1% share and Zee TV a distant No. 3 with 7.4% share.

10 Ka Dum was sampled by over 16 million viewers in the first two days of launch as compared to 9 million each for Junoon-Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka on NDTV-Imagine and The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star One. In the process 10 Ka Dum became the highest rated weekend show on Indian television, even after IPL Paanchvi Paas managed to garner only an average TVR of 2.63.

Snapshot of competitive shows across channels:
10 Ka Dum – 3.0 TVR
Paanchvi Paas – 2.6TVR

Laughter Challenge – 1.3 TVR
Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka – 0.7 TVR

The show opened with a 3.4 TVR and 11.9% Reach, while the Saturday episode got 2.7 TVR with a 10.6% Reach. The launch episode got a peak TVR of 5.4 TVR whereas the Saturday episode peaked at 4.3 TVR. In some key markets like Mumbai, Kolkata, Maharashtra and Orissa the launch day performance of 10 Ka Dum was significantly higher than that of Paanchvi Pass on its launch date.

10 Ka Dum's performance has helped SET to funnel viewers into other slots too. CID 2.9 TVR (an increase of 71 % over previous week), Comedy Circus 2 TVR (an increase of 50 % over previous week). 10 Ka Dum has helped the overall viewership of the channel grow. This just shows that
Salman Khan's debut on television is a super-hit, just like his films!

Loads of fun & laughter in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4

The episode on Friday marks the beginning of the competition of the new season of Laughter Challenge. Kapil and Chandan, champions of last year, play Shasmsher and Harpal and start the show with an act. Then on five contestants perform in round one. They all perform remarkably well and won everyone's heart.Bhrati Singh is the first female contestant in the series steal away the show with her wits, style & hilarious performance.

The contestants who performed in this episode include Bharati Singh, Saurabh C, Amit Sharma, Anirudh Madesia and Mahesh Dubey.
Saturday’ episode saw Kapil and Chandan playing Harpal and Shamsher and explaining the format of the preliminary rounds. Round one starts of with Jaswant Singh, continued by the other four. Jaswant Singh mimicking Sunil Shetty and Abdaal Khan's Motorbike acts are something to look out for in this episode. They keep the audience captivated with their hilarious performance and steal away the show. The contestants for this episode were Jaswant Singh, Naveen Sarthi, Abdaal Khan, Jitendra Mittal, Amil Khan…

Kalyug Mein Bhakti Ki Shakti

The Hindu shastras call this the age of Kalyug; an era where evil prevails over good and humanity seems to have lost all moral values & spirituality. Starting Monday, 9th June, ‘MATA KI CHOWKI’, from the SaharaOne stable will embark on a journey of the restitution of goodwill. The story revolves around Vaishnavi, an orphan girl who is found by the Pandit couple of Vaishno Devi shrine who are childless even after nine years of marriage.

As the story progresses, Vaishnavi develops immense interest and faith in Mata Vaishno Devi. She is popularly called “Katra Ki Beti” since she’s actively involved in preaching about Mata, sings Jagrata, motivates people to follow preachings of Mata and rescues people from pain and misery, all of which are seen as miracles by the masses. The story takes a drastic turn when her fate lands her on an unexpected path of life. In an unprecedented turn of events, Vaishnavi marries in to an house where she has to negotiate against all the evil misdeeds of her in - laws, in order to protect her loved ones.

Disaster after disaster seems to strike her life – being blamed for her mother’s early demise; taking on her younger sister’s responsibility by marrying a man who doesn’t love her in order to save her father’s pride & honor; horrified by the dark deeds and ills prevailing in big cities; and finally, threatened with becoming a martyr to fulfill someone’s greed. Her faith in Mata sees her sail through every possible hurdle that life throws at her while at the same time her good deeds towards enlightening the masses raises her divine personality amongst them. The journey of Vaishnavi in the enlightened path of Mata will go on forever and ever, even though she has to take another birth.

Says Nilanjana Purkayestha, Business Head, SaharaOne Television,“In today’s times of inhumanity,we often wonder where has god gone. The story of Mata Ki Chowki shows us how god is there in each one of us. If we have faith then god and god’s love will become apparent to us. Mata Ki Chowki is as much about Mata who lives in our hearts and always shows us the righteous path, as about Vaishnavi who adores Mata and follows her path righteously, even in these days of Kalyug. It is our endeavour, in our own small way, to rekindle faith in god and re-learn what we have always known – that no harm will come to those who follow the path of god, the path of right. A show like Mata Ki Chowki, that brings us the teachings of our scriptures tailored to our current social scenario, is very important and relevant in today’s times.”

Produced by Swastik Pictures, MATA KI CHOWKI has an spectacular star cast like actors Mona Ambegaonkar, Sudesh Berry, Usha Bacchani, Sheela Sharma and Bina. The lead character of VAISHNAVI will be essayed by the very innocent and beautiful Muskan Arora while the divine role of Mata Vaishno Devi is essayed by the southern superstar Shanti Priya.
Will the battle between good and evil make or change Vaishnavi’s destiny… and at what cost?


Starting Monday, 9TH June, Every Monday – Friday, 10.30 p.m, only on SaharaOne Television.


Now relive the experience of that dreaded 'first day of college', as Bindass, the youth entertainment channel from UTV group, introduces TV's meanest game show Dadagiri. A first for Indian Televsion, Dadagiri premieres Monday Jun 9, 2008 at 7.30 pm. A show where four daring students revisit the horrors of being bullied on the first day of college by surviving three quintessential dadas in three rounds and compete against each other for a winning sum of Rs. 50,000 in cash.

Giving details of the new show Zarina Mehta CEO Bindass said, "Dadagiri Beat the Bullies is the Meanest Show ever seen on Indian Television. It's a test of Physical Strength, Brains and raw courage. The five hosts of the show are totally first of a kind & we hope the audience loves every minute of this pioneering Game Show. Dadagiri launches on the 9th of June with a large 360 degree marketing campaign on TV, Radio, Web, Mobile, & Outdoors. I am very proud of the entire team that has worked on the show from Encompass as well as Bindass."

In the first round the students encounter Vishal -The Beast: An uncouth, foul tempered fellow with an overbearing personality and a strong fist. He enjoys bossing around every one and making mincemeat out of people especially juniors. Into protein shakes & weight training, he has flunked his third year three times. His message to the world goes 'Maarunga chaar, ginungaa ek'

In round two, the contestants are held up against Shraman - Mindstein' who is the college topper and by far the most intelligent guy in college. He is always busy cracking theorems and logic, hates people who cannot answer his questions and feels it to be his duty to enlighten the world.

Round three, along comes Esha -The Goddess: spoilt, nasty, the meanest girl in college. She loves putting people down, is extremely moody & has a very short temper! She particular hates ugly faces! So watch out for the BULLIES!

The three Baddies give tasks according to their own personality, which the contestants should complete in order to win. A contestant gets eliminated at the end of every round. He or she goes straight to the in-house chef – Juicy offers them his "exotic delicacies" of Maggot macaroni with crushed caterpillars, Stinky shawarmas, & Hare bhari chipkali for the loser to "delight" himself upon eaten out of a toilet pot!!!

The one contestant who survives all the three rounds and the bullies wins the game show and walks away with Rs.50,000/- in cash, right there right then.

Dadagiri is produced by Encompass, created by Roshan Abbas, Directed by Yule Kurup with Anuradha Ghakkar as Creative Consultant & Shyam Rajagopalan as Supervising Creative Director. From the Channel side the show has been supervised by Shalini Sethi - AVP Head of Programming (Bindass Channel), Arif Ali Creative Director, Pallavi Gupta Executive producer & Madhavi Malhotra who has produced the packaging supervised by Dipankar Bose.

So to see whether the contestants survive or the bullies scare them away… tune into Bindass and watch 'Dadagiri' starting June 9th at 7.30PM every Monday to Thursday.

Kabbadi star meets filmstar on 10 Ka Dum

Here's what happened in the second episode of 10 ka Dum, catch all this and more on
Saturday, June 7 at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Nandini Biswas, a pretty Bengali girl was one of the high-spirited contestants on the episode. An ardent Salman Khan fan and a visualiser by profession...Nandini carried a special gift for Salman. She put her visualizing skills to test by screen printing and personally designing a bed-sheet on Salman.

So what! Well the picture on the bed-sheet displayed Salman's six packs (like the famous la O O jaane jana)… Salman in his humorous best immediately reacted with "Isse behtar picture nahi milithi kya, aur is pe aap so jati ho". An embarrassed Nandini gifted this as a special memento to her favourite star!

The next contestant Baubin Kumar is a state level kabbadi player from Muzzafar Nagar. Watching Baubin interact with Salman, one could say that he was one of the rare contestantsd who was not startled by Mr. Khan's persona and stardom but behaved like him. Baubin boldly
greeted Salman saying "Khan saab, aap apni field mein star hain hum apni, toh aaj ek sitara dusre sitare se mil raha hai".

There was fun, intelligent repartee, topped with Baubin's innocent behari accent. But what was it that connected both Salman & Baubin? It was their passion for fitness and sports. Baubin discussed his fitness schedule and 'kabbadi' matches in the breaks with the host - Salman, keeping him entertained.


This years’ STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2008 is set to bring you the most entertaining moments as the galaxy of television stars converge under one roof at the Jamshedbhabha Theatre at NCPA. They walk the Red Carpet that leads the way to the most sought after destination for the Star Parivaar actors.

Tina Parakh (Shruti of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki)
and Chetan Hansraj (Sasha of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki) are anchors on the Red Carpet. They quiz the Parivaar members on being a part of this glorious event in which their hard work is recognized and rewarded. Another highlight of the evening is the Parivaar Vani; a weighing machine which reveals the fate of the stars on the awards night.

The curtain raiser performance of the much awaited STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2008 is a Brazilian Carnival with the classmates from Paanchvi Paas dancing to the title song of the hit movie; ‘Welcome’ leading into the song ‘Bam Bam Bhole’ (Taare Zameen Par) to unveil the oldest member of the family – Baa
(Sudha Shivpuri). In keeping with the theme of this years’ award function, Naye
Parivaar Ki Nayi Leher,
this act brings together the oldest andthe youngest members of the Parivaar.

The new actresses from the Parivaar come together with a performance
by Mouni Roy on ‘Touch Me Touch Me’ (Race);
Rucha Gujrati moves to ‘Tuk Tuk’ (Krazzy 4);
Jennifer Winget grooves to ‘Chhaliya’ (Tashan)
and Aarti Singh gyrates to ‘Honth Rasile’ (Welcome).

Not to be left far behind, the Champions and Challengers of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar, clash on stage with foot tapping performances on songs such as ‘Dhaka Laga Bhuka’ (Yuva); ‘Dum’ (Dum title track) and the powerful title track from the hit Bollywood blockbuster Tashan.

The highpoint of this year’s STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS is Shweta Tiwari’s (Prerna of Kasauti Zindagi Kay) swan song and farewell performance on ‘Ni Main Samajh Gayi’ (Taal) only to be joined by her on-screen lover Anurag (Hiten Tejwani). Handing down the mantle to the new members of the Parivaar, Prerna & Anurag dance their way to unveil the new lovers, Heer (Aditi Gupta) and Prem (Harshad Chopra).

The Jodis of Nach Baliye 3, Aamir-Sanjeeda and Kashmira-Krishna, also set the
stage on fire with their performance on ‘Kiya Kiya’ (Welcome) and ‘Dil Dance Mare’ (Tashan). Sara (Sadhana from Bidaai) and Parul (Ragini from Bidaai), Benaaf (Baby of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby), Hussain (Sumit of Kumkum), Shabbir (Milind of Kayamath) were the other Parivaar members who enthrall the audiences with their performances.

Apart from the stunning performances, this year’s Star Parivaar Awards also has the new yet very popular stars like Sara Khan, Additi Gupta and Harshad Chopda vie for the crystal trophy. Who wins, who gets knocked out for all the drama and scintillating performances at that STAR PARIVAAR event with all your favorite television stars.

GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche in Sepia Mode

This weekend will surely be marked as a significant one in the history of GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche and the Indian reality show industry. Competition, heart breaks, minor tiffs are all a part of the show but seldom do we see celebrities candidly talking their hearts out and sharing memorable experiences with all. So GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche deciding to flash the limelight on its three judges up close and personal, focuses on each one's sentimental facets, revealing hidden pasts and personal details never before exposed on camera!

Raveena will relate private, humorous incidents with her friends. It will be
interesting to see what kind of fun Ravs gets up to in her private life! Ganesh
exposes his detached cold side which he regrets deeply saying "I can never
cry…" This makes one wonder what his heartfelt story may be. On a lighter
note, Salim-Sulieman animatedly narrate their silly child hood experiences, completing the roller coaster ride
of fun, tears and laughter!

Amidst the usual dhamaal, the saga in search of a complete performer will of course continue. In the previous episode, we saw Prabhjot and Arib leaving the GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche family due to a drop in support from the audiences. But this time who will it be??? Desi Dhurandhar or Metro Rockers?

The Friday performances this time are pure dedications towards the show's expert jury who have each dedicated their lives in their own ways to the field of Performing Arts. With the competition heating up and the participants showing off to their very best the Metro-Rockers and Desi-Dhurandhars lined up one smashing performance after another! The kids performed on Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast-Mast, Ae Lo Ji Sanam, Dil-Dooba, Aaja Nachle and many more engaging songs each one with a direct connection to one of the judges.

Following the amazing Friday there's an even more enthralling Saturday promising mega fun, masti and music. GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche this time invites you to be a part of a discussion where everyone passionately engages in a debate about big screen actors venturing on to small screens. Does the small screen affect the image of a big screen star? Manoj has very strong views on that! Tune in to hear what he has to say!

And do watch out for the surprise element in the show! A chance appearance shocks the wits out of someone! To discover who, what, why and more keep watching GINI &JONY Chak De Bachche.

Dial-A-Smile with the Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4!!

When tension takes its toll… when stress makes a permanent nest on your head… when you are getting late for an important meeting and when you see cantankerous people all around… the only remedy you need is a smile to cease your burden!

A bout of laughter is just a few numbers away. All you need to do is dial into Star One’s Laughter Helpline; wherein you can listen to the best jokes from the past seasons of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. So get ready to fall off your seats with the Laughter Helpline…

DIAL-A-SMILE… DIAL 1800-209-7827 The pioneers in the field of comedy and laughter are here with a solution to bring back the smile on your face on a completely new platform. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge which has been an instant hit and has redefined the comedy 'Genre' on television is now going Mobile, where you can instantly start listening to jokes from the best of our collection by just dialing our toll free number. So, if you are in the need of de-stressing yourself, or instantly disassociate yourself from the immediate surroundings just dial our toll free number 1800-209-7827 and roar with laughter.

The new season show goes on air with a new jury, a new anchor and brand new sets! Style and wit personified… veteran actor Mr. Shatrughan Sinha along with the wizard Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu don the judges hat for Season 4 with the sexy Shenaz Treasurywwala as the host of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4!

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is back with a smashing new season that begins on June 06 2008 and airs every Friday & Saturday at 9 pm, exclusively on Star One.

Competition at its best in Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche

Competition and contests are no doubt fun as in our hearts we are all just one!

This is what the kids proved in the latest episode of Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche, when all the Desi and Metro kids unanimously offered homage to the Jaipur blast victims. Through their heartfelt actions, the kids demonstrated their patriotism and love for humanity that make them unite as one. But all said and done, the show must go, so after a calm weekend, needless to say there will be that dreaded elimination followed by heartbreaks, tears and grudges. But one can't help wondering who it will be this time??! It's an exciting toss up between Desi Dhurandhar and Metro Rockers this weekend at 9 pm on 9X! And what is 'J3'?! Something Manoj knows about and Roshni doesn't! Is it some secret code against the Metro Rockers??

This Friday the kids put up a continual string of splashing performances which leave the audience wanting more! The tiny participants compete with each other, relying on the best of their talents resulting in sizzling performance on Ladki Kyun Najane Kyun, Dum Tana Ta Dum, Kabhi Tu Chaliya Lagta Hai, Ae Chori and many more.

GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche steps up its surprise quotient one more notch this Saturday when all are predicted to be taken aback in complete awe! Watch Roshni transform into a village damsel. Is this rustic new look of hers inspired by Manoj's trendy makeover? Tune in and find out!!

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