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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yuvraj Singh & Harbhajan Singh on 10 Ka Dum.

The men in blue make it a red-letter day! It is the first celebrity episode of 10 Ka Dum. It was not Salman Khan's friends from the film industry as guests; instead he had none other than the men in blue (or should that be red and off-white and different shades of blue?) cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh to play the game with him. Yuvi, (as Yuvraj is called), with his sixes and Bhajji's (as Harbhajan is called) hat trick brought the house down with their banter and quick wit. This of course gives an inkling of what goes on in the Indian dressing room. The fun-filled episode is replete with anecdotes from the two cricketers.

To a question on how many Indians think that "Mard ko dard nahin hota…" Bhajji replied, "Mujhe to bahut hota hai! When I got the ball on my ribs I was pretending that I was alright but actually I could barely breathe!" he said with a grin. Salman too narrated an incident when a driver drove the car right over his toes and how he pretended it was okay but the foot in question had swollen alarmingly in no time.

When Salman asked the duo how they play untiringly during cricket matches while he gets exhausted just running during shoots… Bhajji quickly retorted, "It depends on who you are running after… Was it Vivek Oberoi?"

Later when Salman asked the two who their favorite actress was, Yuvi wickedly said "Katrina Kaif" to which a blushing Salman said: "Mine too." But Bhajji 'tried' to be politically correct & said "Lara Dutta - but I like Katrina too!"

While answering a question on what percentage of Indians are not embarrassed about passing wind in public… (Remember, Sameer's "hawa ka jhonka in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!). Yuvi pointed out that this question of course is all thanks to Nandini of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam! It had Salman turning a shade of crimson.

There's a lot of leg pulling and camaraderie on this episode, that's when the three are not breaking into a bhangra mode at each win! Yuvi with Bhajji's support reached the Rs 1 crore mark – a first on 10 Ka Dum. It was celebrated in style! The two were there to support charity. Of the Rs 1 crore they won, the two buddies decided to give 50 Lakh to Salman's Charity Foundation and Rs. 25 lakh to the charity run by Yuvi's mom and Rs 25 lakh to the little boy who was in the news recently and whose plight touched Bhajji's heart enough to spur him to visit the little boy in hospital in Agra.

Catch all the action from the sets, off the cricket field and on it too! A great episode made even more special by Salman, Yuvi and Bhajji.

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