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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hussain goes for an image makeover

If you spot Tina Kuwajerwala looking smug these days, do not be surprised. After all, how many women get to make their husbands go for an image overhaul? Apparently, Hussain’s better half was bored sick of his image as Sumit Wadhwa. That’s the name of the character he plays in the television soap, Kumkum. The show has been on since the past eight years and Hussain has had the same look all this while.

Recently, when the serial took a big leap, Tina got a golden chance to convince Hussain to get an image makeover. The fact that for the past eight years, Hussain has been using a select set of colours and look was a major turn off for Tina. After a lot of emotional blackmailing and protests, she got her way and now Hussain is a changed man. Well, at least his wardrobe has changed and so has the colour of his eye lens. Wait a minute, if it’s a big leap that Hussain has had in Kumkum, won’t he be too old to own a funky wardrobe and coloured lenses?

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