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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dial-A-Smile with the Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4!!

When tension takes its toll… when stress makes a permanent nest on your head… when you are getting late for an important meeting and when you see cantankerous people all around… the only remedy you need is a smile to cease your burden!

A bout of laughter is just a few numbers away. All you need to do is dial into Star One’s Laughter Helpline; wherein you can listen to the best jokes from the past seasons of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. So get ready to fall off your seats with the Laughter Helpline…

DIAL-A-SMILE… DIAL 1800-209-7827 The pioneers in the field of comedy and laughter are here with a solution to bring back the smile on your face on a completely new platform. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge which has been an instant hit and has redefined the comedy 'Genre' on television is now going Mobile, where you can instantly start listening to jokes from the best of our collection by just dialing our toll free number. So, if you are in the need of de-stressing yourself, or instantly disassociate yourself from the immediate surroundings just dial our toll free number 1800-209-7827 and roar with laughter.

The new season show goes on air with a new jury, a new anchor and brand new sets! Style and wit personified… veteran actor Mr. Shatrughan Sinha along with the wizard Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu don the judges hat for Season 4 with the sexy Shenaz Treasurywwala as the host of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4!

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is back with a smashing new season that begins on June 06 2008 and airs every Friday & Saturday at 9 pm, exclusively on Star One.

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