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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iira Soni Enters Bhabhi

Iira Soni, the talented young girl who essayed the role of the vamp Neeti in Kumkum Pyara Sa Bandhan is now back in action as she plays an unwed mother in Bhabhi.

Replacing the actress Amrita Khanvilkar, as Roma in the serial, Iira is on a high as she has now got a chance to prove her talent in an out and out positive role. “Roma, the sister of Nihaal played by Bhanujeet Sudan, is now pregnant with Rishabh’s kid, who happens to be the devar of Suhaana. Roma, the seventeen year old will face a lot of hurdles and eventually Suhaana will help her to become a very strong and independent woman”, says Iira as she gives us an insight on her character.When quizzed as to why she took up this role, the actress springs up to say, “This is a positive role, where the innocent and childish Roma will soon flower into a woman of substance. I guess after playing a negative shade in Kumkum, I really wanted to be positive now (smiles)”.

Well, this track wherein Suhaana, (played by Rucha Gujrathi) goes out of her way to help Nihaal give a new life to his sister, will be misconstrued by Dev and thus the relationship of Dev-Suhaana will go for a toss. So do we see the union of Nihaal-Suhaana in the coming future? “To tell you frankly, I have no clue of that, but I can only say that while Nihaal becomes Roma’s pillar of support, Suhaana helps her in all ways possible to deliver her baby and help her out thro’ this phase”, confides the actress.

When asked about any projects apart from Bhabhi, "I have taken up another show but I cannot say anything about it right now. I will be able to talk about it only in April", replied Iira as she signed off.

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