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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Minissha Lamba to eye 'Choona Hai Aasmaan'...

The trend seen of late with Bollywood super stars reaching out to the audience thro’ television continues as the gorgeous Minissha Lamba is all set for an episodic appearance in Star One’s Chhoona Hai Aasmaan, to promote her forthcoming film, ‘Shaurya’.

The story track of the serial which has moved from the backdrop of air force to college life will have Manissha playing a journalist who gets into the college to get a scoop on an on-going murder case.

Talking about the importance of the idiot box, the actress states, “Television is a big part of our homes in India. People who cannot make it to cinemas at least have a television in their homes, which enables the big-screen artistes to reach them”.

When quizzed on her role, Minissha says, “I play a journalist here, Kavya Shastri which is again my character name in my film ‘Shaurya’. I am here to investigate a murder case. My body language and my dressing sense are similar to what I have portrayed in my film”. The actress has shot few scenes which will be shown in the span of few episodes.

When asked about her take on big screens promoting themselves on television, Minissha promptly replied, “It is something that needs to benefit both the parties. It’s not that there’s just one person benefited in this whole deal. It’s a two-way game where the shows and the films are benefited.” When asked what made her zero in on Choona Hai for promoting her film, the actress very candidly replied, “This show is quite different from the rest. It is actually one of my favorites. The freshness in the show, along with the story track fitted my character to the ‘T’. I am happy doing this show, both professionally and personally as well”.

Well, hope this publicity really gives the much-needed ‘Shaurya’ for the success of the film!

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