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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mona Miillee Vasu talks about her new innings

After playing a total tomboy in Miillee, you're back as a behenjiin Hey, not a behenjil (Laughs) Yeah, it's quite a makeover. I play a traditional girl who runs a marriagematrimonial website. Obviously our characters can't stand each other Then of course.. you know what. What about Radhaa ki Betlyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi? It's about a mother and her three daughters. Circumstances force them to move from Meerut to Mumbai. The story shows how they tackle things there. Are you playing a goody goody girl or a rebel? I'm playing the eldest daughter who's level-headed and responsible. So, it's about mummy dearest looking to marry off her three daughters? No, no. It's not about marriage. Radhaa ki Betiyaan.. is about the importance of a career and following your dreams. What's it like working with Supriya Pilgaonkar? So far we've only shot the promos. But I have spent time with her at script readings. Our chemistry as mother and daughter is good. Why the long break after Miillee? When I was through with Miillee, the only thing I wanted to do was take a long vacation. I went to Ladakh for nearly two months. Then to Singapore, where I learnt lawn tennis, and ballet. I did so many things I've always wanted to. And now you're back to the grind.. Not really. I haven't taken up a daily because it involves too much work. I'm happier doing weeklies. What about your love life? Jitu (Salvani) and I aren't together anymore.. but you already know that. I was seeing him for three years. I'm single at the moment. It does get lonely at times.. but I'm glad I have two shows to keep me busy Anyone you'd like to date? Who yaar? There's a dearth of interesting men around. Don't you think so? I'm single at the moment. It does get a little lonely at times.. but I'm glad I have these two shows to keep me busy.

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