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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Grapes are sour theory Says Star Plus

As Everyone Knows Rakhi Sawant on Tuesday filed a criminal complaint against Star Plus channel, alleging them of cheating after she lost in the finals of reality show Nach Baliye 3.

Star Plus in turn has rejected the charges of malpractice and called the whole fiasco as nothing but just a publicity stunt by Rakhi. They even refused to comment on the police case filed as claimed by Rakhi.

Mr. Keertan, Executive Vice-President & General Manager, Star Plus says, “Currently we have not received any communication either from Rakhi or from Police. We feel this is just a publicity stunt by Rakhi just like all other publicity stunts. We would not like to comment until we receive a clear communication.” Mr. Keertan also cleared the allegation of the faulty voting system saying, “We have not done anything of the sort. She is alleging lot of things, throwing a lot of allegations in the air, but where is the evidence to prove any of these allegations? Tomorrow anybody in the street can charge anything on anybody. Without any evidence or proof, you just cannot speak out.”

Seeing the manner in which the controversial star, Rakhi has gone all out, the channel feels that this is more of a case of a sour looser. “See, till she made it to the finals and other couples were getting eliminated, everything was right. So what happened now? Essentially we would say it’s a simple case of Grapes are sour theory”, says Mr. Keertan.

What Do u Say Friends Is this really a case of '
Grapes are sour ' Or What Rakhi stated is Correct ?

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