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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ankur Nayyar replaces Ujjwal Rana In Ghar Ek Sapna

Ujjwal Rana, Samman of Ghar Ek Sapna has decided to call it quits due to creative differences between him and the producer. He is being replaced by Ankur Nayyar(seen in Kasauti Zindagi Kay and Left Right Left).

Although Ujjwal Rana is leaving the show by choice he is quite disappointed about leaving as he says, “I made the decision of leaving the serial with a very heavy heart. I had come to love the role I was playing and the audience had accepted me as Samman. For an actor there is nothing more than appreciation. I will definitely miss working in Ghar Ek Sapna but sometimes difficult decisions need to be made as an actor.” If Ujjwal was so comfortable with the role what prompted the decision for him to quit? Ujjwal says, “I was quite satisfied with the role as well as the script when the show started as the character was quite strong. But as time went by, few changes were made to the script changing the storyline completely. I wasn’t entirely happy with this change and voiced my opinion to the director but nothing was done about it. Hence I decided to quit the show.”

And is Ujjwal happy about Ankur replacing him? Does he think Ankur will do justice to the role of Samman? “It isn’t my place to comment on another actor’s ability and how the other person will portray a particular role. It was the production house’s decision to take me and now Ankur to play Samman.” says Ujjwal.

Ankur Nayyar confirms the news saying,“Yes I am replacing Ujjwal Rana in Ghar Ek Sapna. The audience will see me playing the character of Samman henceforth.” So does that mean there will be a change in the character too? “No”, says Ankur, “The character will not change. It’s only a replacement. The only difference will be the way in which the role will be essayed. Ujjwal performed differently, so will I and I will try and do justice to the role.

Ujjwal Rana had been playing the role of Samman for quite some time and the audience had accepted his persona, so will Ankur have a problem getting the viewers' appreciation for filling into shoes of Ujjwal? “It is challenging to replace someone whom the audience is familiar with for such a long time but the production house has the confidence that I can pull it off. And I think life is full of challenges and that we have to face as they come”, replies Ankur.

So let's hope Ankur Nayyar will enthrall the audience just as Ujjwal Rana did as Samman!!!


Anjali Malhi said...

Hi!!! Ujjawal rana u r the best actor.I & my family members never miss any of ur episode.Ur acting is really very brilliant. Why dont try films, it would give u a big name Wish 2 meet u .Send me a reply to

Anonymous said...

hi ankur

Anonymous said...

Hi Ankur ur a g8 actor!I've seen u in mani serialz u luk g8 wid sangeeta n aparna.Wish u all da sucess in da future.hope u mak a big name out der 4 ur wrk n i'm glad dat u r in anoda serial even though i cann't c u in der bu gud luck! and az far az ujjawal rana i've neva seen him in ani serial diz iz da 1st time i've heard his name. NO AFFENCE.LUV U ANKUR UR DA BST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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