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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big Boss will return in April

The controversial SET reality show Big Boss will return in April. And guess what, the anchor is none other than the first season participant and well known Bhojpuri film icon Ravi Kissen.

"I am quite happy to be re associated with this Endemol Production. Big Boss has given me name and fame. I had been part of film world for the last 19 years, (Army, Kudrat, Udhar Ki Zindagi ) but yet, hardly anybody outside UP and Bihar recognized me. But today, the whole nation knows Ravi Kissen", claims the new anchor.

Remind him of his days locked in the Karjat house and Ravi similes, "It was tough, but I was the only one who did not play tricks. If you remember I was always myself.” He refused to give more info on Season 2 contestants, saying that you will come to know in few days.

Beside Big Boss, Kissen is also launching a reality chat show with film stars soon, as part of his production company. “I am also doing a couple of big Hindi films as well. Notable among them would be Mahadev with Govinda”, he says.

This vegetarian actor who was last seen in Sahara Filmy's Bath Room Singer, recently pledged Rs. 25000 to PETA. "I have always cared for animal’s and hope to spread the same message in UP and Bihar”, he ended

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