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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is just the start to a new Beginning

The saying that ‘Good things eventually come to an end’ is surely going to be rewritten by the very popular on screen jodi of Saagar and Vidya in Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann.

We caught up with a laidback and thrilled Sharad Malhotra, who was packing his bags to go home, to be his family. “I can’t believe that I have got a break at last. I am very eager to be with them, I am flying tomorrow to Kolkata and will be back in 3-4 days”, says Sharad in an excited tone. We tried to quiz him on the re-incarnation track and pat comes the reply, “We will be back with a bang. Just be patient and watch out for the new track.” The actor though, indicated that there will be a special episode on February 21st, marking the ‘Chautha’ of Saagar and Vidya which will be very emotional. “This episode will witness many celebrities from other serials coming and offering their condolences. This episode is a must-watch”, adds the popular actor.

We further talked to Shyamji, Director of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann to check out what the serial is going to offer the viewers in the coming days. Says Shyamji, “I cannot reveal much as of now. The only thing I can say is that they both will be back very soon. In fact, you can see one of them being re-introduced just the next week, while the other’s entry will be a bit delayed.” Talking about the track ahead, the director says, “Things are going to be mind-blowing and you will witness some thing that has never been seen before on Television.” Elaborating on the new characters to be introduced, Shyamji says, “We will introduce at least 12-13 new characters, who will be the new family of the protagonists. We cannot talk of the cast as of now. So just wait and watch as they will have a new beginning.”

The serial was raking very high TRPs even without the re-incarnation track. So where was the need for this new twist? “The serial was going really well, but we had shown plenty of things in these 2 years. Knowing the fact that we got high TRPs because of our 3 main characters, that of Saagar, Vidya and Sindoora, we wanted to introduce freshness in the serial by keeping these pivotal characters and actors intact and introducing many new. Hoping for the best now”, says Shyamji.

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