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Friday, March 21, 2008

Aap Ki Kachehri with Kiran Bedi on Star Plus...

As part of its continued endeavour to offer differentiated, bold and innovative programming, STAR PLUS - India’s numero uno general entertainment channel, is proud to bring to its viewers a new real life show ‘Aap Ki Kachehri’, with an opportunity to watch Magsaysay Award winner, Kiran Bedi, deliver justice in a swift and decisive court of Alternate Dispute Redressal.

Text Box: Types of cases   • Relationship Disputes  • Money / inheritance Disputes • Illicit Relationships • Senior Citizen Disputes  • Women Issues  • Sexual Harassment • Dowry harassment • Gender discrimination • Sibling conflicts • Matrimonial DisputesA STAR Plus initiative, Aap Ki Kachehri is a show that is the first of its kind on Indian television and belongs to a genre of programming that’s miles away from stereotypical GEC norms. This is part of the channel’s strategy to widen the base of its program offerings and offer its viewers pure infotainment that’s also thought provoking.

Aap Ki Kachehri on STAR Plus is television's destination for real-life disputes that unfolds in an exciting and dramatic first-person perspective and gives viewers access to situations they can relate to and learn from. Targeted at audiences 18+ and across all social strata, it’s a unique, innovative platform that offers an unbiased forum for settling disputes between consenting individuals.

Commenting on the launch of the show, Uday Shankar, CEO, STAR Plus, said, “It is our channel’s endeavor to offer our viewers a plethora of innovative and differentiated programming and Aap Ki Kachehri allows us to extend ourselves into a new genre. With the show, we have made a conscious effort to breakaway from the GEC norms and offer our viewers entertainment with a strong overriding social message. We are proud to have an acclaimed personality Kiran Bedi partner us in this initiative that has the potential to make a difference to the lives of the common man.”

Aap Ki Kachehri is a medium of timely justice with Kiran Bedi as the arbitrator. It’s a reality show with real people, real cases and real situations with an aim to educate and entertain. Its objectives include getting the affected parties to discuss the issue, look at probable solutions to their problems outside of courts and also to educate others in similar situations.

Aap Ki Kachehri will delve into cases in which there will be fair enquiry through argument. Commenting on her role on the show, Kiran Bedi, said, “I am proud to associate myself with Aap Ki Kachehri, a platform that belongs to the common man. As a facilitator of the show, my endeavor is to help people resolve differences leading to a more effective, congenial and progressive country”.

The reality show Aap Ki Kachehri will address real life disputes and resolve them live before viewers, complete with high drama and emotions while Kiran Bedi, an icon revered by India, will be at the helm of the show as a mediator.

Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Head, Star Plus, said, “This is a programming innovation from Star Plus guaranteed to get viewers to sit up and take notice. The show is in reality a platform for real people to resolve real life disputes. The show offers a vicarious insight into neighbourly, family or spousal conflicts and aims to provide a credible and fair redressal. We are proud to announce this show and believe that it could be the next milestone in differentiated programming on GECs.”

Delving on the format, for the first two schedules, the cases on Aap Ki Kachehri will be sourced from NGOs and agencies. However, there will also be a forum open to viewers who can call in or write about their cases. Elucidating the concept of the show, Siddhartha Basu, Producer, Synergy Adlabs, said, “This is a show which promises fascinating insights into human behaviour and values, and should offer vital education on the application of rights and laws to resolve common disputes with equity, in a way that makes for compelling TV.”

Viewers can share their real life experiences and requests to participate in the show by writing in to and P O Box No. 37454.

Watch Kiran Bedi put redressal on the fast-track in

Aap Ki Kachehri

that gives justice to some and is an eye opener to many others

Coming soon only on STAR PLUS!

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vishvendra said...

wounderful show..........
people of our country need this type of shows..........
excellent concept........

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