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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rucha Gujrathi Back in Bhabhi

It seems 2008 is a good year for Rucha Gujrathi. She is not only back as Suhana in Star Plus afternoon saga Bhabhi, but is also looking forward to her debut movie ‘Lottery’ opposite Indian Idol 1, Abhijeet Sawant.

She is quite happy to return to this UTV set up. “I had quit playing Suhana around 6 months ago as I was not too happy with the way the character was devloping. It was a mutual decision to part ways”, says Rucha.

So why the return? “The audience wanted me back. Hence the creatives and channel spoke to me and we agreed on certain terms and conditions”, quotes the actress.

However, the writer of the show Rajesh Berry debunked Rucha's point by saying, “She had quit the show because she was insecure with Gurdeep Kohli's entry in the show as a parallel lead. Therefore when Gurdeep's track ended and Kanchi opted out as Suhana, Rucha herself showed interest in coming back and we agreed. Lets face it, getting one more new face, would have meant more problems”.

Rucha however denied the insecurity part saying Gurdeep played no part in my leaving. "I just was not happy with the generation leap, the show was facing then. As for me approaching them is all hog wash, they wanted me to get back as the public demand was such. How would I get to know that Kanchi wanted out or was fired?”, she demanded to know.

With co-star Bhanujeet also coming back in Bhabhi as Nihal, is there some truth to the rumors of you guys being involved? “No, we are just professionals working together, nothing more nothing less. At least that’s what I feel”, she added. Bhanujeet on his part also refused to comment on their relationship saying, “What ever I say is misquoted. See, first I am a Punjabi and she is a Gujrati, so there are enough problems already”.

Besides fiction, Rucha would love to take part in Big Boss 2 as well. “Reality shows are the new flavor of the season. The challenge of living in seclusion with other people excites me. This experience would only teach me about life. I would want to share the Karjat house with bollywood stars, they are more interesting than our telly wood lot”, opines the actress. But then will attention not be pulled away from you? “No it all depends on how truthful you are”, argues Rucha.

Coming to her role in Lottery, the gorgeous actress says, “I play a sweet girl next door called Soha. It's a romantic thriller, which will be released around August. Abhijeet is quite a chilled out guy to work with”, she ended.

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