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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sadhna gets set to bid Bidaai to her family

The upcoming episodes in Bidaai will show preparations for Sadhna’s wedding starting off with her sangeet and mehndi ceremonies. The girls and the family had a fun-filled time at the functions. We caught up with the two girls, Sara Khan and Parul Chauhan to know more.

Speaking about the ceremony, Sara Khan who plays the bride-to-be, Sadhna says, “Well right now the sangeet and mehndi ceremonies are taking place. And there are just two days left for the wedding. As the track proceeds, there is something very interesting that is going to happen, but you’ll just have to wait and watch how the events turn out to be.” When asked about the condition on which she had agreed to get married, Sara says, “Yeah I had agreed to get married in the Rajvansh parivaar only on the condition that Ragini gets married to the second son. But now, even I am confused as to what is going to happen. Vasundhara has promised me that she will get Ragini married, but now the future depends on Ragini.”

Parul Chauhan aka Ragini shares the same saying, “Right now Sadhana’s mehndi and sangeet ceremonies are going on. And I am very happy for her that she is getting married. In fact I am so happy that I just danced my heart out at the function as we celebrate.” So Sadhana is getting married, now when is Ragini going to get married? “Well that depends on Sadhana”, laughs Parul. She further adds, “Sadhana is actually trying hard so that I get married soon, but we really don’t know how the track is going to proceed from here onwards.”

Well as Sadhna prepares to tie the knot, we hope to see the same happiness bestowed on Ragini in the near future.

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