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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Zee's Teen Bahuraniyaan Down to Two now..

Manwa Naik, who played one of the bahus in Zee’s Teen Bahuraniya recently made her exit from the show. Manwa played the character of Manjeet who was a Punjabi girl, married into a Gujarati family. The Telly Buzz team talks to the actress about her sudden exit…

“I was under a one year contract with the production house, that recently ended. It was a mutual decision by the team and me, to terminate the character. There were certain terms and conditions, that had to be fulfilled. They ended the character on a very beautiful note. Actually, the exit was graphed about a month ago. Manjeet was a beautiful character, and it had to be ended gracefully.”

When asked if Manjeet will be back, the actress says, “No, Manjeet is dead, she will never return. She’s dead and gone. As for me, I don’t know if I’ll return.” Adding on to her experience in the show, Manwa adds in, “Definitely, I am going to miss all of them. It’s been a year long association with them, so the bonding between me and the cast and crew has been great. I’ve worked with the production house and the producer Hemal earlier too, so I will miss everyone.”

On an ending note, Manwa says, “I don’t have any future projects yet. I am just working in Baa Bahu aur Baby. Let's see how things go…”

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