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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saroj Khan - Cut out at words on Ustaadon Ka Ustaad!!!

With Ustaadon Ka Ustaad entering the third day, the battle for the Ustaad is getting hotter. Participants from all the reality shows are trying their best to give out their best to see that they get to a striking distance from the coveted title. But this is not it, the whole scenraio is turning hotter with few noteworth incidents too. Catch a glimpse here..

Saroj Khan, one of the judges in the show is a well known face now among the viewers of reality shows. It is a known fact by now that Saroj Khan is one judge who never minces her words while criticizing. When it comes to giving her views on any performance, she is very well known to being upfront and vocal. The other day, during the dance reality show in Ustaadon Ka Ustaad, Saroj Khan after the not too good performance of Kashmera-Krushna commented, "Krushnaji mote ho gaye hai ya phir Kashmeerji ka wajhan (weight) badh gaya hai…toh aapka koi haq nahi banta… aise steps karneka" ...

And now at her gun point is the contestants of the comedy reality shows. Contestants of Laughter Challenge had to bear the brunt of harsh words from Saroj Khan this time. She made sure to air her views on the jokes by calling them “stupid and in poor taste” as some of them were cheap jokes on women. Things took a turn when some of the contestants felt that Saroj Khan commenting on dance was fine, but because comedy was not her forte, not too much weightage be given to her comments.

If Saroj Khan turned vocal, Javed Akhtar, another judge in the show also made sure to do the same. After the performance by Ali Asgar & Kashif Khan, he ripped the comedy circus winners by questioning as to how they were declared the winners.

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