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Friday, April 11, 2008

Sony Entertainment Television gets bigger with 'Waqt'...

Sony Entertainment Television is now gearing up for the inception of two back-to-back daily soaps in B.R. Chopra’s ‘Sujata’ and Dheeraj Kumar’s ‘Waqt’ from April 14th. While 'Sujata' will occupy the 10PM slot, 'Waqt' which is a story of an adopted girl Rudra places itself at the 10.30 pm slot.

‘Waqt batayega, kaun apna kaun paraya’ is the story of Rudra who is always considered ‘paraya’, an outsider by her foster mother, Yashomati. However, when her own blood, her sons deceive her, it is this paraya daughter, who stands by her and supports her and the family.

Payal Sarkar, who won the hearts of one and all in SAB’s ‘Love Story’ will essay the lead role of Rudra. Produced by the very talented Dheeraj Kumar(Creative Eye), the serial is packed with powerful performers in Kishori Shahane, Mukesh Khanna, Nishigandha Wadh, Eva Grover and Dheeraj Kumar.

Talking about her role, Payal Sarkar says, “Rudra is a very bubbly girl who knows her limitation as she is an adopted girl. She is a person who loves to take up responsibilities at home, and works towards them sincerely”. Making a giant leap from a love story to a family drama, Payal is very excited to be a part of this serial. “As an actor, I will want to take up various kinds of roles, and this role is very much different from my role in Love Story. This is the first time I am doing a family drama and am enjoying it”, says the actress.

As we wait for waqt to take us closer to ‘Waqt batayega, kaun apna kaun paraya’, we wish them all the luck!

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