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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What does Pinakin Got to Say?

The most adorable son of Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family, Pinakin played by Krishna talks about the surprise he has planned out for his loving, sweet on-screen mother Pushpa.
Give us a brief about your character, Pinakin?

Pinakin is very sweet innocent, cute, lovable and
pampered. He has lived a secured life throughout and is a sweetheart of the entire
family. He is a little immature as he has not seen the world, but yet he is honest.

Are Pinakin and Krishna similar in any way?

Krishna and Pinakin have lot of differences, but they have similarities too. Krishna is very mature and he has seen the world. Pinakin comes across as a dumb person because he is not exposed to the big bad world.

So what is happening on the sets today?

Actually its my on screen mom’s birthday today and we are shooting for that.

Anything special planned for your mom's birthday then?

Yeah, but you will just have to wait and see what it is.

Will the story line be only on the birthday celebration or is there anything else happening?

Currently Nandini’s father has posed a challenge before me to earn Rs 10,000 a month. Accepting the challenge , I have started working in a city store and I am unable to reach
home on time. My mom and some of my family members start crying as I do not reach
on time. But I surprise everybody by just reaching home five minutes to 12.

Any such surprise that you have given your own mother on her birthday?

Actually, when I was in standard sixth I used to
save Rs 1-2 a day and with that I purchased a make up kit worth Rs 40 or
so. She was just too happy when she saw the gift and I think it was one of her most memorable birthdays for both of us.

Who are your favorite on screen characters?

Dharmesh kaka, Sailesh kaka and Nandini.

Any ideal mate other than Nandini?

No one at the moment.

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