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Friday, May 30, 2008

Engineer plays to buy SRK's house while Housewife wants to adopt him

STAR Plus' Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?, the biggest television game show of the season, is based on the international Mark Burnett format 'Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader' The interesting format of the show puts forward challenges for successful and confident adults from all spheres of life. The hurdle is that all contestants are stumped when asked primary school level questions. This builds up the pressure of remembering one's basics and
keeping their reputations intact!
The charismatic host ShahRukh Khan opens the show this Friday with the chirpy five classmates as they groove to the title track of Om Shanti Om. The first contestan is a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan. 21-year-old student Sagar Vidula is currently pursuing a mechanical engineer course from Surat. Sagar dreams of buying SRK's house Mannat after winning the grand prize of Rs 5 crores. He has visited SRK's home, Mannat, four times but has never got the opportunity to meet his idol. Shah Rukh jokes with Sagar asking him how much he had bribed his guards on seeing a picture of Sagar's with a security guard outside Mannat! Sagar is completely bowled over by Shah Rukh's charm and gifts him a friendship band while SRK, in turn, autographs his shirt. Sagar, despite his nervousness of standing inches away from his hero, climbs up the money tree making his father proud. Sagar also dedicates a poem and recites it for SRK.

The second contestant of the evening who is all set to face the challenge is the 54-year-old homemaker from Kolkata, Poonam Mahajan.
She walks in with a box of sandesh (sweets) and presents it to Shah Rukh
along with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. This enthusiastic woman keeps
hugging SRK so often that he forgets his lines out of embarrassment. Poonam requested him to be her son and hugged SRK. SRK, surprised at the beginning, very warmly hugged Poonam back and ate sandesh out of her hands. He lovingly kept calling her 'Poonam aunty' during the show. It was apparent from his actions that he completely adored the elderly lady.

Shah Rukh says 'Kalvida' reciting a poem written by a fan of the show,

"Likhne padhane se mujhe na agar parhez hota –

Aaj main bhi
paanchvi pass se tez hota

Dikhta main TV pe, khabar sansanikhez hota –

Kash main paanchvi pass se tez hota

Chaaro taraf mera hi naam praise hota –

Shah Rukh se zyadaa mera craze hota

Apni duniya ka main Changez hota –

Agar main sirf paanchvi pass se tez hota!”

Will Sagar be able to win the grand amount to purchase Mannat and will Poonam overcome her zeal at hugging SRK and answer questions correctly to win big bucks? Watch the two participants trying hard to focus on the game despite being mesmerized by SRK's style &

Catch all this excitement and a lot more only on Kya Aap
Paanchvi Pass
Se Tez Hain? this fri-sun at at 8 pm only on STAR Plus.

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