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Friday, May 30, 2008

Gauri Pradhan to play the new 'Diva' in Left Right Left

Gauri Pradhan sheds her goody two shoes image as she gets set to enter SAB TV’s Left Right Left. The actress gained immense popularity as Nandini of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi but now her fans will get to see the gorgeous actress in a new avatar.

Regarding Gauri’s role in the show, a reliable source reveals to us, “Well as far as Gauri’s character goes, it’s actually all a case of mistaken identity. The cadets catch her by mistake under the assumption that she is the main villain called Eagle. But as time goes by they realize that they made a huge mistake and that Gauri is actually a faculty member, an officer on special duty.” Our source further adds, “She does not play a negative character per se. The army learns that Eagle has planted a mole in KMA and it could be anybody, even a cadet. As time goes by it is Gauri who unveils the truth.”

Persis, Creative Head, DJ’s, affirmed the news saying, “Yes Gauri Pradhan will be playing a role in Left Right Left. However, I would not say she plays a negative character. Left Right Left always has characters that begin in a certain manner and after a point of time, go into a complete different whelm. And that’s the same way Gauri’s character has been penned down.” Adding further Persis says, “The thing about Gauri’s character is that it is very unassuming. One minute you will see her doing an action sequence and the next she breaks down with a cute moment. And that’s what Gauri loves about the role too. In fact, her name in the show, Diva, suits her character to the ‘T’.”

When asked what’s going to happen in the future track of LRL with Gauri’s entry, Persis signed off, saying, “This all I can reveal at the
moment. To know more about what’s going to happen you will just have to watch the show. It’s a beautifully sketched character and will surely have the audiences glued to their sets.”

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