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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hamari Devrani to replace Bhabhi

As STAR Plus’ Bhabhi goes off air in few weeks, Shobana Desai is all set to bring her new production, Hamari Devrani, in its place, which goes on air from the 26th of May in the 1.30 pm afternoon slot.

Shobana Desai, Producer, says, “Hamari Devraani is the tale of a Gujarati family comprising of six brothers and their mother. Five out of the six brothers are married and now the entire family is on the lookout for a bride for the youngest son of the family. All the bhabhis are very cunning and want their devar to get married to a girl of their choice as he is very close to the mother.”

She further adds, “The story has its usual twists and turns which will be revealed in the course of time. But the main track revolves around finding a devrani for the family. The bhabhis want a girl who comes from a middle class background, someone who is very simple and will be like a puppet in their hands.”

When asked about the cast of the show Shobana said, “The cast of the show is relatively new. I wanted to take faces that were not seen on television before. The cast includes Samir Rajda, Urvashi Upadhya, Kaushal Shah, Kalyani Thakkar, Ajay Parekh, Bhumi Shukla, Mihir Rajda,Manish Purohit, Manas Shah, Neelam Panchal, Zankhanaben with new omers Madhav and Krishna Gokani playing the devar and devrani respectively.”

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