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Friday, May 30, 2008

NDTV Imagine presents VIJAY… Desh Ki Aankhen this June..

This June, NDTV Imagine unleashes VIJAY… Desh Ki Aankhen, an electrifying new show that will appeal to the whole family. This exclusive action-packed drama is centered around Colonel Ranjit Singh and his team of highly trained officers and the missions they undertake to ensure the safety and security of the nation and its people. Vijay… Desh Ki Aankhen is produced by Sagar Arts.

The "Vijay" team is a privately-funded, parallel security agency which exists with the knowledge and consent of the Indian Government. Under the leadership of Colonel Ranjit Singh, this elite group of six officers, investigate and prosecute those accused of crime. The arch villain in the show is Dinaro, an ex army man and former colleague of the Colonel. While the Colonel treads the righteous path, Dinaro is motivated by greed and money and has chosen to follow the path that glorifies anarchy and anti-nationalism. As Dinaro terrorizes the nation's peace through his nexus, the 'Vijay' team strives to overcome these threats and invariably thwart his plans. The team works together with a single mission: to safeguard the nation!

Announcing the launch of Vijay, Shailja Kejriwal, EVP, Content, NDTV Imagine said, "With Vijay, NDTV Imagine presents an offering in the action-adventure genre with a patriotic spirit, which is sure to appeal to our audiences. Vijay… Desh Ki Aankhen will also drive home the core values of pride and respect for one's motherland! We are very pleased to team up with the Sagar's once again for this new initiative!

Added Producer of the show, Amrit Sagar, "Vijay's premise is… 'Don't ask what the country has done for you?', instead ask… 'What you can do for the country?' It is the only show of its kind on Indian television at the moment. The production will showcase international locales, hi-tech spy gadgets, weapons, fighter jets, submarines, et all.

Sagar Arts and NDTV Imagine have produced some very successful shows together, and I am thrilled to team up with them once again!"
The character of Colonel Ranjit Singh will be played by Punkaj Kalraa. His team comprises of six highly skilled young men. Kartar Singh (played by Sarvendra Singh), Ajay (played by Sagar Saini), Vishal (played by Vijay Badlani), Nikhil (played by Zeyaul Haque), Karan (played by Kunal Bakshi) and Sanjay (played by Chandan Madan). Irfan Hossein plays the role of Dinaro, the villain of the show!

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