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Friday, May 30, 2008

Rajeev Khandewal back on Television

While fans of Rajeev Khandelwal are waiting anxiously for the release of his film Aamir to see him back on the screen, here’s good news for them all. Rajeev will be doing a short cameo in the serial CID where he has already played a short stint earlier as ACP Prithviraj.

The “Aamir Special Episode” will show him playing Rajeev the actor shooting for Aamir and then suddenly some complications happens, which is also in tune with the Aamir Film story. The shooting for this special episode has already started. Rajeev makes it very clear that it’s Rajeev the actor but not real Rajeev as the storyline will show him
getting engaged which is far from reality. “Its Rajeev the actor but whether its Khandelwal or not, lets leave that to the imagination of the viewers,” Rajeev says laughing. This one hour special episode will be aired before the release of the film.

What made him take up this short project? “Among many of the promotional activities for the film this is one of them. I refused to do promotions on any of the reality shows. I was not very comfortable with the idea
of promotions on those shows and then we thought when the film is different so let’s do something different too. Nobody has done this earlier, so we are experimenting it,” explains Rajeev.

Rajeev has always tried to take a different path from others and this being another one! But one thing is sure, this will surely be a treat for all his fans, who have been waiting anxiously to have a glimpse of the actor on the screen.

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