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Friday, May 30, 2008

Shahrukh de raha hai 5 crore, ab Salman dega 10 crore

India will now think in terms of percentage. Confused? Don’t be, this is the tag line Sony Entertainment Television has for its new reality show 10 Ka Dum.

Speaking about the show, Albert Almeida, Executive Vice President &Business Head, Sony Entertainment Television, says, “The concept of the show is very unique. It is an adaptation of the foreign show Power of 10. As we say, now India will think in terms of percentages. It is a show meant for common man and comprises of questions based on day to day life activities.”

When probed further to know the type of questions, Albert replied, “The questions are based on plain common sense, the things we see and hear. For example, questions like How many people in India consider black as the color of mourning? How many people believe in superstitions? etc." But how will the contestants be judged on the basis of answering these questions? To which Albert quips, “See, the questions are pre-polled and the answers have been decided by the aam janta of India. The answers are in the form of percentages. So, the contestant who is closest to the nation’s answer is the winner.”

And yes the prize money to be awarded in this show is not one, not two, not even five but ten crores. So what are the steps to becoming a millionaire?
Albert explains, “There are five steps to becoming a millionaire. In the first step, the participant is given a 40% range while in the second step he will be given a 30% chance. As this range keeps reducing, the prize money keeps increasing. For instance, if the participant gives an answer 73%, and if the actual answer is between the range of 40 to 80%, the participant wins and goes to the next step, which continues."

With 10 Ka Dum, Salman Khan joins the bandwagon of Bollywood celebrities turning anchors. When asked why Salman was chosen as the host of the show, Albert quipped, “Well he is a star. He has a powerful personality and has a huge fan following. So obviously, his presence will draw the audience to watch the show.”

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