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Friday, May 30, 2008

Shubhangi Atre Back to work!!

Karan Patel is getting a bit tired of the constant allegations that his Kasturi co-star Shubhangi Atre is leveling against him. "If those were true, would the Balaji production and my fellow actor on the Star Plus show have continued to work with me?" Recently it was alleged that Karan used to come drunk on sets and flirt with Atre and other women on the sets and things got worse when Shubangi refused to come to the sets.

This is not the first time that Atre has leveled harassment allegation against Patel. In his defense the actor says, “Shubhangi is insecure about herself so much so that although Kasturi is a female oriented story, the whole emphasis of carrying the show forward is on me. No wonder she is resorting to such publicity stunts”. Patel went a step forward and said that the production house should first get a proper actress; leave alone a good actress. On the question of whether he tried to amicably settle things between him and Shubangi, Patel says" I have betters things to do with my time”.

On the actress’ absence from the show for quite a while, Patel says “It's highly unethical and unprofessional on her part to keep the unit hanging for the past 5 days”. When we tried to contact Shubangi to get her side of the story, she was unavailable for comment. So we contacted her husband Piyush who denied any problem of his wife with Patel and said that the reason for her absence was sickness. “She has been back to work from Saturday”, said her husband.

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