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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amit Tandon doesnt get along well with co-star

 Zee TV’s Saath-Saath actor Amit Tandon is feeling the heat at this moment. According to our source, associated with the production house, the actor does not get along well with his co-star Tulika but now has no other alternative left than to come dangerously close to her.

“We have been recently engaged in shooting Amit and Tulika’s holy matrimony in the show. So, the script obviously demands some intimate scenes between them.” The source adds that the presence of Tulika’s fiancé on the sets deepens the problem between the two. He says, “as Amit is not too comfortable with Tulika and, to add to his woes, he has to bear with the presence of Tulika’s fiancé on the sets. Tulika’s fiancé is believed to give cold stares to Amit during the shooting and Amit is finding it hard to get hot with Tulika. It is clearly visible in the scenes.”

Well, poor Amit, forced to be a part of this triangle, surely feeling like crunched in that unwilling trouble.

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