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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wedding bells ring on Comedy Circus 2

After imbibing music with comedy, this week has wedding bells ringing on Comedy Circus 2. Shruti is in her best element as she comes dancing on the stage with a band playing a baraati numbet and our very own Shana Shakeel comes all decked up as the dulha. However, the biggest question here is who is getting married?

Well, as we said, this week will see the participants trying to tickle the jury’s funny bone as they are dress up in wedding attire and create humorous situations on the theme of marriage. First up, we have Rajeev, a desperate husband who has had three failed marriages prior to the current one, with Kamya dressed up as his wife. It is a sight worth seeing, when ultra efficient professionals come out from the bride on their first night, making the wedding yet another nightmare for the husband. Following these two, is the pair of wonder girl Chitrashi , who runs a marriage bureau and is always worried about tying the knot herself, and Rehman, a politician with loads of money in search for a wife.

Shailesh and Apara come up next as a doting pair of Sas Damaad, where the totli saas takes the trip of her hakla damaad as he complains about being tied to a defective wife.This surely proves that a lot of people do have regrets post marriage too. Well, such is life!!! Many will agree one husband is too much to handle so imagine the next pair, Rajesh and Rajeev, Rajesh dressed as the bride and awaiting her five grooms. This is staged to depict the decreasing female ratio in society. Finally, we have Krishna dressed up as band member, who play for every wedding but don’t know when bells will ring in their own lives, while his partner Sudesh is the band master desperately hunting for a groom for his daughter. As all these participants get their act straight, the result is a riot of laughter on the sets.

So, watch out for this fun filled episode of laughter on Comedy Circus 2 only on Sony Entertainment Television on Saturday at 10.00 pm.

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