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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Will Omi And Heer will ever come together in Meri Sasural

It has been rightly said, when one is in the army, he is married to the country. Army life is most unpredictable and this is exactly what Sahara One’s Mera Sasural depicts wherein the protagonist Darshan Dave, who plays an army officer Omi faces when he has to leave his soul mate Heer, on the day of marriage as the country
calls him.

Explaining the twist in the tale, Darshan Dave says, "Actually Omi is an army officer and some terrorists catch him in Pakistan. While there, he loses his memory and lives with a different family. Sometimes he gets flashes of his past and is sure he has a past that he has forgotten. Today Omi and Heer fortunately come together at a religious place. There are some beautiful scenes of hit and miss!" So will Heer and Omi meet or will they miss each other yet again and will Omi remember that Heer is the one whom he loves? To which Darshan replies, "that is what the audience needs to wait and watch."

When asked the naughty and mischievous Darshan Dave if he regains his memory anytime soon, he laughs and replies, "Right now the serial is doing very well as far asthe TRPs go, due to my memory loss. So I won’t regain my memory at least for the next few upcoming episodes".

Veteran actor Sudhir Pandey, who plays the head of the family, commenting on this latest story track says, "Actually my son Omi stays with a family in Pakistan and has lost his memory. The family that he stays with comes at the same religious place of Jhande wali Mata in Jammu.
Fortunately, my family also goes at the same place to pray for our son. I have organized a Jagrata today, hence I sing religious songs, and since Omi is my son, he faintly remembers his dad’s voice i.e. my voice. So the drama today is how Heer and Omi miss each other every
time". But, do they meet? "Yeah, surely they do, but not right now", replies an optimistic Sudhir Pandey.

Well, life sure has a lot of tough surprises in store for the couple!!!

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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