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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket

Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket- A glamorous world, an extravagant life, a celebrated name – this is what this new reality show on 9X is all about. Produced by Balaji Telefilms Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket is a mega talent hunt across the country where the winning pair will get the golden opportunity to act in a multi-starrer Bollywood blockbuster, jointly produced by Balaji Telefilms Ltd and Popcorn Entertainment.

This unique reality series will bring to the viewers the biggest celebrities and the best of talent from across the country. Auditions across 4 zones are completed for the hunt of 12 couples. Of the 24 participants 12 will be popular celebrities of the small screen, remaining will be people from different walks of life. They will be judged on their acting skills and dance skills. The 4 zones will be pitted against each other in this quest to find the next big 'lead pair'.

Each couple will be given a character each and a story to act out together and each Zone has a seasoned Bollywood actor as a Mentor who will personally guide and train their teams for the arduous and exciting journey to Bollywood. These mentors shortlisted are Shabana Azmi for the East Zone, Amrita Singh for the North Zone, Mahesh Manjrekar for the West zone and Zeenat Aman for the Central zone. These mentors will judge the performances of the participants and will be key in playing up their teams' strengths and taking complete ownership of their zones

The celebrities shortlisted for the show are
North Zone-Vikas Manecktala, Mihika Verma, Raj Singh Arora Central Zone- Chetan Hansraj, Krutika Sehgal, Twinkle Bajpai
East Zone- Reshmi Gosh, Naman Shaw, Panchi Bora West Zone- Jai Bhanushali, Abigal, Karan Patel


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting-where and when can we see these plays?

Anonymous said...

Twinkle and Punit should not be voted out, as they were the original persons who brought fame to the show. Twinkle is a star.

Anonymous said...

we need punit and twinkle back on the show. They are really tallented. they have really great x factor with them. we need them back.

Anonymous said...

punit and twinkle have great body gesture and talent combination. They should rock the floor.

Anonymous said...

i dont no y panchi bora and rahul arora went out!!! pure dum!!!!

dey cud hav 1 it!!

who needs punit n dat twinkel on da show der jus "fake"" ........plz can u make panchi arora and rahul arora in a serial togeva dey look reli nice wiv eachova.....

Anonymous said...

thank god that puneet and twinkle are back

Anonymous said...

its good they come back ,.more interesting..
this episod hasnt been aired in UK yet... ..we are so behind here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh so they walked out. Now that they have returned it will be good. it's so good to see twinkle back plz help india vote for her


Anonymous said...

who says that she does not know how to respect

Reality shows are incomplete without the saga of tears and tantrums. And the latest to join our club is 9X's Lux Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket where Twinkle Bajpai and her partner, Puneet decided to walk out of the show and all because the hosts, Salil and Peeya announced that their jodi was part of the bottom three jodi's of this episode.

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