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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Salman meets his lookalike on 10 Ka Dum

Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum

A mirror is an object of desire to many (read 'all'). But, if one were to think of the same on a philosophical level, then, it gets revealed that it's not the mirror, but, it's the mirror image that one is in love with! And can you imagine what will be your plight when you see your mirror image standing in front of you? Well, we are only asking you to imagine. But Bollywood's darling Salman Khan actually lived the experience of seeing his mirror image - live in flesh! This happened on the sets of TV's most popular game show these days - 10 Ka Dum. Salman Khan met up with his look-alike on the show, who, in real life, happens to be a dancer. While dancing in the show, the look-alike was really surprised and shocked (to say the least) to see Salman sneak up from behind him and strike a similar pose! What happened after that was out of anybody's imagination.

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