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Sunday, August 3, 2008

9X to air a mega series on Indira Gandhi

After the extremely successful launch of its epic show Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki, 9X, the popular Hindi GEC and flagship channel of the INX Network, has announced its plans to launch a series based on and dedicated to the life of Indira Gandhi.

Indrani Mukerjea, Founder & CEO, INX Media said "I feel privileged and proud to announce that 9X will bring a major and unprecedented series, INDIRA GANDHI, to television. It will be based on the story of the iconic, inspirational and extraordinary lady whose fate was entwined with the future of a billion people. The series which will be shot in Hindi and English will present the story of Indira Gandhi as a daughter, wife, mother and leader. Our aim with this series is to be 9 times more dramatic, involving and inspirational; to present a life story that will captivate all viewers."

Former Member of Parliament, Uttam Singh Pawar, who will be closely associated with the project, said, "I am proud to be closely involved with this project and will extend my complete cooperation and support to 9X for the creation and success of this series, which I believe will be a tribute to the great Mrs. Indira Gandhi”.

9X will produce this series of great global significance with the same kind of passion, love and care with which Indians have always followed the story of Indira Gandhi. It will follow her life as she is transformed from a gifted young girl to the most loved daughter of India -- an iconic and inspirational visionary who was destined to give her entire life to the Nation. The channel will bring in the best international technical experts in key areas, such as Direction, and will ensure that the series is seen widely across India and the world. Further details about the series will be shared in the near future.

Coming on 9X is INDIRA GANDHI...

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