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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are the Bidaai girls headed for trouble??

The news that the ‘Queen of Soaps’ Ekta Kapoor called the Bidaai girls, Sara Khan and Parul Chauhan to offer them a role in her new project has spread like wild-fire now!!

A very elated Parul says, “Sara was at my place that night and had come to meet my mother who was going back to Lucknow when we got a call from Ekta Kapoor. Ekta put us on a conference call and offered me, Sara and Ali Merchant a role in her new project which will be replacing Kyunki Saas..”.

Echoing the same sentiments as Parul, Sara states, “Yes, it is true that Ekta called us. I would really want to work with her in future, but as of now, Bidaai remains our priority”.

Both the girls stated that they had immediately called Rajan Shahi, Producer and Director of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai and informed him about the proposal from Ekta and that they had immediately declined Ekta's offer.

“We were really shocked and surprised when Ekta called. But we refused the offer as Bidaai means a lot to us and this serial has got us a name in the industry”, quips Parul.

Telly Buzz called Nivedita Basu, Creative Head, Balaji Telefilms to confirm whether Ekta’s flagship serial on Star Plus, Kyunki Saas is ending and also on Ekta’s offer to the Bidaai girls. But Nivedita’s answers came as a shocker as she said, “Why will Ekta go and call the girls?? Ekta has not called anyone and this is the fact”. On Kyunki nearing its end, Nivedita quickly says, “Kyunki is not ending, we are doing well and there is no reason for which we have to shut shop”.

Later, when we called Parul and Sara to tell them that the creative from Balaji claims that Ekta did not call them, the girls stated, “We really do not know what is happening. But it is true that we got a call from a lady who said she was Ekta Kapoor”.

We tried to get Ekta Kapoor as well as Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Dierctor, Star Plus on phone, but they remained unavailable for comments. However, when we buzzed Rajan Shahi, Producer of Bidaai, he said, “The girls told me that they got a call from Ekta. I am really happy for them, but cannot comment further”.

However, we tried to dig deeper into the matter and found that Ekta is slowly but steadily planning to end Kyunki Saas. Our source states, “There is every possibility that Kyunki might go off air in the coming year, and the renewal in contract that is supposed to happen in October this year might be the last extension for Kyunki”. Our source also gives us information that Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kasturi might also shut shop by next year.

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