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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dance Ki Jung - Sher-O-Shayri Ke Sang!!

The stage is a la Mughal-E-Azam durbar this time!, as the feather-capped Meethi Churis and Tez Talwars, are ready to combat each other!

Timely wisecracks, tongue-in-cheek comments, innumerable doses of pungent humor, witty retorts take the backseat as the theme claims that everything is expressed poetically. The result? Treat of shayari of every kind – emotional, sarcastic, humorous… Don’t forget to tune into Zara Nachke Dikha on 19th August, 9.30pm only on Star One!!

The ‘Lagi Bet’ round witnesses dances of contrasting genre, taking the competition a notch higher. Tez Talwar Gaurav Chopra dressed like a brawny Dravidian warrior performs a ‘tandav’ on the title track of ‘Omkara’. His remarkable performance receives lot of accolades from judges. Depicting an entirely different genre, Narayani Shastri boogies a perfect cabaret on ‘Piya tu ab to aaja’ reminiscing the yesteryear’s cabaret queen Helen. The judges were ecstatic by her act and costume.

The meanest round of the show, the ‘Khallas round’, is themed ‘DISCO’. Tez Talwar Manish re-kindles the disco mood with his smooth rendition on Super Dancer. He surely wins the applause from the judges and steals their hearts with his flawless steps. But Meethi Churi Karishma Tanna proves to be a surprise package for everybody!! Putting her tall frame to advantage, she slips on a retro style doing a Mithun Chakravorty to the tune of ‘I am a disco dancer’. Needless to say, her a la Mithunda act was an instant hit with the audience and judges alike!

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