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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nautanki and Tamasha Unlimited in Aajaa Mahi Vay..

To indulge in some extreme entertainment, grab your remote control and tune in to the upcoming masti packed ‘Circus/Tamasha Special’ episode of Reliance Mobile Aajaa Mahi Vay on Friday, August 22, 8 pm only on STAR Plus.

Shaking a leg and matching contestant Sneha’s grooves, judge Shweta Tiwari, applauds Sherjil and Sneha’s performance on the hit ‘Billoo Rani’. On the other hand judge, Apara Mehta believes Sneha’s performance could easily land her an item number in a Bollywood movie if spotted by a film producer!

Much to the dismay of the judges, hit jodi Kabir-Sajal fall short of their earlier performances with a performance on the song ‘Its magic’ from Koi Mil Gaya but Kabir more than makes up for this with an impromptu mimicry of host Vineet!

An extraordinary performance by jodi, Manav-Rashmi on ‘Aja Gufaon Mein Aa’ leaves the judges asking for more! Overwhelmed by Ronit’s gesture of accepting Rashmi as his younger sister, she reciprocates by tying him a Rakhi and strengthening the bond of a brother and sister.

Making their best attempt to impress Greesha’s mother, Dhawal and Greesha try to appease her with a shocking performance on the song Bam Lahiri and win praises and admiration from the judges for their performance.

Closing the episode on a lighter note, the contestants even go to the extent of mimicking the styles of the judges…

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