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Thursday, August 14, 2008

'Paani Puri' - New Sitcom on Star One...

Star One’s comedy maestros are here to stay! From The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai to Instant Khichdi, Star One is back with an all new sitcom – Paani Puri.

Set against a backdrop where two families hailing from diverse cultures and backgrounds come to live under one roof, to cause mayhem and chaos! Adding to the excitement are the characters who, with their humor and comic sense get the audiences into splits. Vikas Puri played by Sumeet Raghavan and Divya Paani by Smita Bansal, the unusual and distinctive sitcom begins August 30th every Saturday @ 9.00pm only on Star One.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ravi Menon, EVP, Star One said, “Comedy as a genre has done extremely well and is now the backbone for most of the shows. Star One has pioneered comedy on television and has always presented audiences with the best quality entertainment. With this show as well we are promising to create a rage. The simplicity of the story and the characters will surely take the viewer’s through a joy ride.”

Paani and Puri are two separate entities. When the two words are spoken together as “Paanipuri”!!! It sends the juices gushing and causes floods of anticipation in our mouth. The mix of two cultures under one roof provides an interesting mix of:

Humor - where 2 families from diverse backgrounds live with each other
Romance- where 2 different individuals try maintaining peace within
families and within themselves

Vikas Puri, a middle class 28 years old can’t do without Divya Paani, 25, daughter of a retired bureaucrat. They are a young couple in love. Without any qualms, the two lovers push their luck and not only manage to tie the knot but bring their respective parents to deal with each other. A Punjabi, middle class Puri family, which believes that the human voice is a gift of god and must be used in variable octaves generously, is pitted against the sophisticated Paani family which feels that the human voice is the sound of the human mind and therefore one should utter any kind of sound only for a purpose. The two sets of parents make ample efforts to convince the newly married couple that Pani and Puri is an explosive blend.

What happens when two diverse families are forced to come together, under one roof, for the sake of their children’s love? A humorous show which showcases the clash of culture and class leaving you in splits!!

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luv it....

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