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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A popular jodi ousted from Kabhi Kabhie

Sony’s Kabhi Kabhie Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar has reached the quarterfinal stage with four jodis, Krushna-Kashmera-Mukul, Tina-Karnvir-Teejay, Wasna-Mridul-Tina and Shalini-Jatin-Priya battling it out to win the coveted trophy.

The contestants will be in a joyous mood as the theme this week is ‘Celebration’. While Shalini and Jatin performed on Billo Rani, Jatin celebrated Karva Chauth with Priya on the number’ Mahi Ve’. It was wedding bells for Tina and Mridul as they danced merrily to Dil Vich Lagi Ae, while Mridul celebrated the occasion of becoming a father with Wasna on Aaja Soniye… Teejay and Karnvir looked fabulous as they celebrated their anniversary with Mauja, but the icing on the cake was the performance of Karnvir-Tina on Unke Nashe Main...The other show stealer was of course Krushna and Kashmera who got applauded by one and all for their mindblowing performance, while Mukul and Kashmera danced on Oonchi Hai Building...

Unfortunately, every week has to end with one team going out and this week saw for the first time, 3 jodis in the danger zone - Mukul-Kash-Krushna, Wasna-Mridul-Tina and Shalini-Jatin-Priya.

According to our source, “It was Priya-Jatin-Shalini to get eliminated this week. Jatin and Priya who performed on Karvachauth just could not convince the judges with their concept and got very less marks when compared to the other jodis. Priya who depicted the ideal married woman dressed in a saree, with mangalsutra and kajra could not please the judges, whether it was in chemistry, choreography or even the costumes. Even though Jatin and Shalini performed well and got good marks and comments from judges, ultimately, Mridul’s team edged them out of the race”.

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