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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sumit comes closer to past-life memories...

Star Plus’ Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan which saw the eternal lovers Sumit and Kumkum getting reborn to unite again will see a major twist in the tale this week!

Sumit and Kumkum who pretend as married couple before their families are taken to the Kuldevi mandir to do a pooja where Sumit, played by Hussein Kuwajerwala starts to get flashes of his past-life.

The cast and crew were in upbeat mood to shoot this very important scene at the Chandivli caves that paves way for the interesting track ahead.

As Sumit enters the caves with Kumkum, he starts to get flashes of his past life. The couple performs the havan and when Kumkum bends her head to take blessings of the Kali mata, her maang gets filled with Sindoor. Sumit who usually gets uncomfortable when he sees Kumkum(red color) immediately starts getting visions of his past and ultimately collapses. This incident changes Sumit’s life irreversibly and when he gets conscious, there is a major change in him…

Namita M. Bhandekar, EP, Kumkum says, “This scene kicks off a very interesting phase in the serial where Sumit gets closer and closer to his past life”. When we asked her whether Sumit recollects his past life completely, Namita says, “You need to watch the episode to know more”.

However, if our source is to be believed, Sumit will realize that Kumkum is his wife from previous birth and will get more affectionate towards her. But Kumkum who is still unaware of her past will keep reminding him that they are just pretending to be married…

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