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BIGG BOSS Season 6

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Twinkle be brought back on public demand??

If one feels the chance to grab a ‘Ticket’ to Bollywood is easy, then mark your words, as the road to the coveted trophy to 9X’ Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket and a role in the movie ‘Generation X’ is just not a cake-walk for our talented participants!!

If last week saw the big drama of Twinkle Bajpai walking out of the show, this weekend will see a shocker of an elimination!!

Giving us the news is our well-placed source from the sets, “The person to get out this week is the very talented Karan Patel of Western Sharks”. Elaborating on the way Karan got eliminated, our source states, “Karan and Mihika of Northern Eagles were in the danger zone and when it came to the remaining contestants voting out a jodi, they pre-planned that they will vote in such a way that both Mihika and Karan get 3 votes each. But the whole plan went haywire when Jai had to cast the final vote. With Mihika having bagged 3 votes already, Jai had to now equal the scores by giving Karan his 3rd vote, but then Amrita Singh warned Jai and Ritika that they had to think wisely and give their precious vote to the most deserving person. This is when Jai voted for Mihika, the better performer of the two on the given day instead of Karan, thus eliminating Karan from the contest”.

If this is not enough, there is another shocker that awaits the viewers this week in Bollywood Ka Ticket. Revealing this, our source says, “Twinkle will be brought back to the competition next week due to public demand. There will be an AV shown this Sunday wherein the public makes a hue and cry over Twinkle going out of the show and demand her comeback”.

Well, this had to happen as there is no ‘Drama’ without the ‘Drama Queen’ and according to our source, the whole bunch of people who were shown in the AV are actually junior artistes trying to grab attention in the few minutes of glory given to them on a platter!!

There is a long way to go before the lucky one grabs the ‘Ultimate Ticket’ here!! But before that, we will see the comeback of the ‘infamous’ Twinkle Bajpai to the show next week!! But will the girl have the last laugh when she finds Karan Patel missing the limelight of snubbing her on camera yet again???

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