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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeevan Saathi beats Kasamh Se in TRPs..

COLORS' Jeevan Saathi has seen many ups and downs when it comes to the story line in the recent weeks. In spite of the fact that loyal viewers miss their adorable Jodi of Gaurav Khanna and Vani Gupta in the show, the serial has been rating well as it gears up for the position of #2 across channels at the time slot of 9 PM.

The story which started off as an eternal love story of Neil and Viraj set in the back drop of caste issue took a turn when the girl's ruthless father got the love of his daughter's life killed, and as a punishment got her married to a dumb person. If this was not enough, the show also saw the father scheming and plotting against his own daughter so much so that he gave her a life of suffering in the asylum.

But even these shocking twists have helped the TRP's of the show. "We are very happy with the latest development in the show, and it has given us immense popularity", says Hemal Thakkar of Playtime Creations.

He feels the character of Ishwar played by Aamir Dalvi has been lucky for him. "As soon as he entered the show, it has been great and people love it. There is lot more in store for viewers, but for that one needs to wait and watch", he adds further.

On the track ahead, our source chirps, "Viraj (Vani Gupta) is in the asylum and in the coming episodes, she will be traumatized further. She wants to get out of the place, and Ishwar helps her to escape from the sanatorium".

Their love story will see a new twist as the two come together again and stand by each other. "Jeevan Saathi has now beaten Kasamh Se at the same time slot and is gearing up for more competition", concludes our source.

No doubt that TRP's are speaking, but the viewers would still want to see a change in the regressive story line shown at the moment!!

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