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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aniruddh, Vishal and Vikram’s pain full dedication

Get ready to witness the one of its kind and the most energetic performance of the year that will soon hit your television screens.

Aniruddh Dave aka Indu Sigh, Vishal Singh aka Jigar and Gautam Gulati aka Vikram burned the dance floor during their performance at Star Parivaar Khushiyon Ka Tyohaar.

While the entire family was praising them for their outstanding performance the actors also received some very sweet comments about their looks. But little did the family know that the boys had to undergo a lot of pain to fit themselves into this look?

The actors who wanted to look perfect for their performance went through a full body wax to ensure that they looked like a women during the performance. This is not all they also took tips from their female co-actors and also observed them for few days to ensure that they could look natural.

This is not all their dedication also resulted in lot of positive remarks that made the actors very happy. "Saanchi actually came up to me and said I looked like a new Bahu of STAR Parivaar", said Aniruddh Dave aka Indu Singh where as Gopi kept looking at her devar, Jigar and admired how pretty he was looking.

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