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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Raja Chaudhary wishes his ex wife Shweta Tiwari a very happy birthday

Beautiful and sensuous actress Shewta Tiwari, who is currently seen as Sweety in DJ’s A Creative Unit’s Parvarrish, is celebrating her birthday today (4 October 2012).
Earlier married to Raja Chaudhary, she has a teenage daughter Palak. After things went sour between the two, Raja and Shweta parted ways.
“I know that so many things have been reported against me. I would not like to comment on it as I am going through a bad phase. But I believe that things will sort out eventually. Since a lot of legal matters have cropped up, I need to solve them.

In this kind of turbulence, I don’t get time for my personal activities. Once issues are sorted out, I shall think about settling in life.”
Wishing Shweta, he said, “I just want to wish her a great life and Shweta, God Bless you. Since I don’t have her new number, I cannot wish her personally.”
Raja, who is seen in television shows, has acted in movies too. Sometime ago, he was in a relationship with Shraddha Sharma but things didn’t materialize between the duo.

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