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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jayshri Rao Replaces Rucha Gujarati As Suhana In Bhabhi ( Star Plus)

After threatening to quit the show umpteenth number of times, bubbly actress Rucha Gujarati is finally out of the show. Now, Jayshri Rao will be essaying the role of Suhana. And with this change, it's time again for audiences to see a fresh track emerging in the storyline.

Though the rumour mills have it that Rucha was extremely unhappy with Gurdeep Kohli's entry in the show and wanted to work on her own terms; but somehow here she gives us a totally different side of the story.

Keeping all the controversies aside, Rucha says, "I have quit the show because it is taking a generation leap. I am not comfortable playing a mother to a 16 year old daughter. I want to play characters of my age. I am also fed up of crying as Bhabhi. I have tried many genres in the past but not comedy. Now that I am free, I may do so."

So, how will Rucha exit the show? She reveals,"I will be dying in the serial and a new lead will be introduced as Suhana."

However, Rucha's loss is Jayshri's gain who's currently playing the lead in DD's Nargis.
"This is my first show on Star Plus. I had auditioned for Suhana's role and now that I've been signed on, I am really excited about it. I am trying to get into the skin of the character," utters Jayshri.

For the uninitiated, Jayshri has done some movies down south and a couple of Hindi serials too. She was last seen in Aroona Irani's Tum Bin Jaaon Kahaan and Zameen Se Asman Tak.

When we asked Jayshri about Rucha's controversial exit, she gave us a rather diplomatic answer. "Rucha is a good actress and I like her work. About her exit there's nothing much to say. I don't know Rucha personally so I cannot comment," says Jayshri.

The current track in the serial revolves around Suhana (Rucha Gujarati), Dev (Vishal Singh) and Gurdeep (Geetanjali Sarbharwal). In the coming episode, Suhana will meet with an accident but will be back with a new identification.
"We are going for a generation leap one more time and also introducing Jayshri Rao. She fits the role perfectly and will be our new Suhana.," confirms Uditanshu Metha, Associate Vice-President, UTV.

Will the afternoon raker Bhabhi be able to maintain the same TRPs post Rucha? We leave it to the audiences to decide..

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