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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Urvashi's back as Komolika!

BACK AGAIN: Urvashi Dholakia
Is it a last ditch effort to save Kasautii Zindagii Kay from wrapping up?

After a year you are back as Komolika in Kasautii Zindagii Kay...

Yes. It feels good to be back in a show that one has been a part of since the very beginning

You have a funky hairdo this time around...

I have always experimented with my hair. I've done it again this time.

Your hairstyle seems to be a combination of singer Pink and Victoria Beckham...

Well, kind of. Let's see how I can carry it off and how far people accept it.

The makeup is also a little different from earlier...

People appreciated it even then. But this time we've gone in for a chick look. Of course Komolika will always remain glamourous.

Even though you are playing a much older character now you still look as young as the earlier Komolika....

Is it just me who looks young? That should be a general statement. Anyway at the end of the day we all actors are young. Also, I think the audiences are okay with the way we are portrayed on screen.

What about buzz that Kasautii... is wrapping up?

I have only read this in the media. I have no clue about it.

Is bringing Komolika back a last ditch effort by the producers to save the show?

I can't comment on that. All I know is that Komolika has always been a very popular character among people and I suppose that's the reason I've been brought back.

Komolika has given you maximum popularity....

Undoubtedly. It made me popular. The best part was that this character was a complete team effort in terms of styling and characterisation.

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