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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nach jodis sweating it out!

Nach jodis sweating it out!

Our Nach Baliye 3 stars may have replaced their gym shoes with dancing ones. But they aren’t worried… most stars tell us that they are losing weight after practicing for hours.

Amita Sethi
Nach has taken both of us completely by surprise. We have lost both our private life and weight! Recently we had to go for a social gathering so I took out a party dress that I have work many times earlier. And this time it looked very loose and had completely lost its shape! Although I don’t know how much weight I have lost one thing is for sure that I am sweating it out…

Amita Chandekar
Weight loss was not a problem for me as according to my height my weight is perfect but due to Nach by body has toned up which is very good. So that's not a problem for me as with the rehearsals my diet has also changed. I'm taking more liquids like coconut water and things like that. So it’s all good!

Shakti Kapoor
I have lost 2 kgs and I don't know how much more I'm going to reduce but it’s good that I have become patla. Even our choreographer Sylvester has reduced 5 earlier his weight was 55 kgs but now 50 kgs!

Kavita Kaushik
Recently only I met my FIR serial director Shashank and he was shocked to see me. He was like “Bahut Sukdi ho Gayi ho…aur baas...” Even Karan has lost some weight and has developed sexy jaw line.

Aamir Ali
We haven't lost any weight as we are eating good nutritious food which is not affecting our body.

Sweta Keswani
I 'm not on a weight loss programme but when I checked my waist has reduced from 37 to 36” and these changes you come to know during dress trials. Alexx has also reduced 2 kgs! I am also losing weight on my hips so now our diet plan includes home made sandwiches, salads and while rehearsing we keep electoral water so we don’t dehydrate.

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