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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sanjeeda is a happy person: Aamir

sanjeeda_aamir_01Girls swooning over the handsome Soumya of ‘Woh Rehnewali Mehlon Ki’ (SaharaOne) are in for a rude surprise. The popular character will soon be out of the show.

Sentimental about Soumya

Confirms actor Aamir Ali, “Yes, my character is going to be killed. It was the demand of the script as the story had to move ahead.” Ask Aamir what he will miss about the show and he quickly replies, “Oh, everything. I was living the character for the past 13-14 months. I am a person who gets attached to things. So it’s difficult parting ways,” he smiles.

Dance dance

With ‘Woh’ out of his way, Aamir is busy gearing up for ‘Nach Baliye 3’ (Star Plus) with partner Sanjeeda Shiekh. “When I was offered the show, I wanted to chicken out.

I can’t dance to save my life. But then I like doing things, which scare me. So I decided to go for it. Also, Sanjeeda loves dancing and was very excited about it.” He adds, “For a good dancer like Sanjeeda too, this isn’t a cake walk, so you can imagine my state. But winning or losing isn’t the criteria for me. I want to participate with the right spirit.”

The truth about Sanjeeda

The show has brought out his relationship with Sanjeeda too in the open. Why was he denying it earlier? “It was a fresh relationship. It was too early to talk about it.

We haven’t worked together and are still very new to the industry. Before establishing ourselves, we didn’t think it prudent to talk about our bond, which was still growing.”

Though the cat is now out of the bag, Aamir still fights shy to divulge much and states, “She’s a very happy person. It’s an amazing quality. ”

What are his future plans? “Plans never work. Rig

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